Asda shades toilet paper 24 for £8

Asda shades toilet paper 24 for £8

Found 24th Mar 2013
24 toilet rolls for £8, only a small roll back but a good deal I thought.

can someone put direct link in as I'm on my phone and can't do it properly
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£8 gets you 36 rolls of Nicky from Home Bargains, best bottom buffer out there
some of us don't have a home bargains near us
well move then
lol, i was only joking by the way :P
Thanks for the link, not sure it's needed as its getting cold already lol
bit weird if it wasn't a joke lol. 22 miles to my nearest home bargains... long way for cheap toilet roll haha
Why cold rated? :@
cheaper bum roll to be had

some of us don't have a home bargains near us

If you have a Farmfoods near, they also have 2 x 9 packs of Nicky Elite for £4, so the same as Home Bargains, 36 for £8. As twistednerve says, cracking loo roll; saw this and walked past it for years, thinking it was cheap, easy to tear stuff. How wrong I was. Quality and strength is excellent.
I prefer to clean my sunglasses with a lens cloth....
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