Asda Smart Price 300 Nappy Sacks £0.35 @ Asda

Asda Smart Price 300 Nappy Sacks £0.35 @ Asda

Found 17th Apr 2012
Asda Smart Price 300 Nappy Sacks £0.35 @ Asda

Not a lot to say really other than these are good quality, smell nice, and are cheap! Last time we bought them they went through the till at £0.80p.


Been 35p for the last couple of months. Iv never paid 80p for them.

Always been 35p for me too, cheaper than their cheapest bags and great for cleaning cat litter trays.

Are you sure you didn't buy the fragranced ones last time as these have never been 80p???
In fact Sainsburys pack of 300 sacks is cheaper than this I think.
They are all around the 30-40p mark usually at the supermarkets

great for the dog

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Well maybe I made a mistake with the previous price, but still these are great value

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Out of interest just checked the price and "82p" is printed on the packaging.
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