Asda Smart Price Baby Wipes (Pack 80) only 16p instore

Asda Smart Price Baby Wipes (Pack 80) only 16p instore

Found 7th Dec 2010Made hot 7th Dec 2010
Bought these tonight, reduced from 50p. I buy pampers myself but thought i could use these for wipeing the weans face and hands after eating something messy.


17p in my Asda, Tesco have also reduced their value wipes to 17p. Don't be fooled by the price as they are nice thick wipes and are nearly as good as the branded ones which cost over a £1 more. I get through loads of wipes with my young ones so this is a welcome bargain, I will be stocking up before they go up. Heat from me.


Something messy?
Deep fried spaghetti?

baby wipes are the handiest things since sliced bread!!

baby wipe price's like the beans all over again!

Wish I could get these at this price, but the only wipes which don't give my children a rash is pampers sensitive.

These are brilliant for childrens hands and faces!! My little boys get into a right mess when doing just about anything

Good for cleaning your leather suite.

Also believe it or not are good for wiping your childs a$$

Tesco ones have been 17p for quite a while. They are brilliant and much better than ASDA or Sainsburys equivalent. Only problem is they tend to not stock many so we get loads when we see them.

Also 17p in Sainsbury's for quite a while (apart from a couple of weeks ago when they were only 8p).

Skids away!

These are great for hands and faces and above general household spills and car use.

But wiping your little one's deposits is not very nice as they are not that tough and do tear easily. Erghhhhh!

these are a great product for the price. stock up on loads and save a fortune if you get through them like I do with 2 v messy kids

I even use them on my own A$$.

They have now gone back up, tesco as well

Still 17p in Sainsbury's.
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