ASDA Smartprice Bacon pieces - smoked (500g) @ASDA £0.75

ASDA Smartprice Bacon pieces - smoked (500g) @ASDA £0.75

Found 6th Nov 2010Made hot 6th Nov 2010
Smartprice Bacon pieces 500g


these are quite good x

great for a bacon hotpot....mmmmm

great for stew they been this price for a few weeks too

Netto same price. 1kg £1.50 permanent price. You have a choice between pieces or sliced, smoked or unsmoked.

Lidl are doing proper bacon packs (250g) for 75p too.

I've bought these for a couple of weeks now, get the odd gristly bit but it's generally really tasty

great for staffs oatcakes with cheese

Nice one, always buy stuff like this to chuck into bolognaise, chilli etc.

i eat them on a regular basis. THEY ARE DUCKING LUSH!!


make spag bol with them really tasty!!

Good deal.

Just have to look at the packs to pick the best ones as some are pretty poor in the way of fat contents and bittyness.

Great way to buy bacon for things other than sanies. Nice to see some other people that like these!

Tesco are doing 500g for 75p at the moment, too. Anyone know if you can get unsmoked, as I hate smoked.
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