ASDA Smartprice Low Fat Toffee Yogurt (125g)
ASDA Smartprice Low Fat Toffee Yogurt (125g)

ASDA Smartprice Low Fat Toffee Yogurt (125g)

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ASDA Smartprice Low Fat Toffee Yogurt (125g) - if they have them when I am there tonight - I will post the food values from the tub here later.


Gotta be a good price if you like yoghurt and aint too choosy. Don't like the stuff personally but H & R for it.

Have a feeling the naysayers will turn this one blue though

This looks disgusting

how old are these pictures. asda hasn't used those colours for years

Tesco are 6p too I bought the strawberry last week for the 1st time to try my kids ate them so I will get them again

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This looks disgusting

We ware really lucky to have you here - clearly a superhero with Xray vision, who thinks they can tell the contents of a pot are disgusting, is clearly an asset to any asylum.


how old are these pictures. asda hasn't used those colours for years

Entirely true, I took the image from the "mysupermarjet" site, and the container is now white with green writing - which is impossible to read in poor lighting.


So - I tried the toffee one - the strawberry had sold out.

It tastes really good. Its like toffee angel delight from years ago - only more runny.

For anyone normal without the superhero power of knowing if something is disgusting from looking at the container - then I suggest you risk a whole 6p and try one. I am sure you will buy more.

I will post the calorie etc details later, my mere mortal eyes cannot see sufficiently in the poorly lit confines of the computer room.

These absolutely vile!
I much prefer spending a bit extra on a multipack of Muller ones.

The tesco ones are just as bad, sorry dude. But I don't like them (personal opinion though!!);-)

I Quite Like Toffe Yoghurt!
Used To Buy Them From Local Sainsburys But They've Stopped Selling Them

Might Make A Trip To Asda If There Going For 6p!

good deal

About time someone did a value priced yoghurt in a flavour other then strawberry! Can't stand strawberry yoghurts of any make at all! Toffee is my favourite flavour so will stock up!

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I got the strawberry ones now too.

They are quite nice, but the toffee wins by miles, and I picked up another 14 toffees when I got the strawberry to try.

In total the 16 still cost less than a pound.

Most of thhe "value" yoghurts are a bit runny but quite edible.

Used to like toffee yoghurts.
Going to have to make a special trip to an Asda to get some (and other Asda bargains) soon
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