ASDA SmartPrice Toffee (250g) - £0.14 @ Asda

ASDA SmartPrice Toffee (250g) - £0.14 @ Asda

Found 8th Oct 2012
Normally a bargain at 28p, this bag of toffees can now be had for just 14p, both instore and online. And very tasty they are too! The bag is 250g.
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Yes, may be very tasty but very fattening! tooooooo.

Thanks for the post. I shall be buying some the next time I am in Asda:D
Normally I veer away frome the saver/smart price items because mostly I don't think they're as tasty as the ones a few pence more but Asda toffees - and their chocolate toffee eclairs - are lovely
Excellent find you cant go wrong at prices like these. you could buy bags and bags of these for the kids for Xmas just take them out of the cheap bags and put them in another bag shove a ribbon around it and you have happy kids.

Yummy, plus buy some of these, eat lots of jam on toast, wash out the jar fill with the cheap toffees, put a bit of gingham material on the top tied with a pretty ribbon, hand write a fancy label and hey presto a damn cheap hand made xmas present! look brill in stockings/hampers and no one will know they're smart price as they're yummy and have clear unlabelled wrappers!
Going to have to try these tomorrow now everyone says they are yummy - don't think they will make being put into a jar though as once I start on toffee I struggle to stop!!
ohhh, xmas is coming soon , id better buy this up for my friends before it sells up!, (im not being stingy, one of my "mates" bought me and a friend chocholate liquears, which we later found out was on a 2 for a pound offer in a local morrisons a few days before)
28p in my local Asda this morning....
little ern

28p in my local Asda this morning....

Back to 28p online as well. Looks like the half price offer has finished already!
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