ASDA: Snow Broom & Ice Scraper: £5 (Click & Collect)

ASDA: Snow Broom & Ice Scraper: £5 (Click & Collect)

Found 13th Jun 2014
Out of season is the perfect time to buy one of these at a discounted price.

As well as its intended use, can be used to remove snow from a conservatory roof etc.

Similar products currently retail for £10 at Halfords or £12.49 at Screwfix.…238…907


Extendible 3 in 1 Brush/Scraper/Squeegee for Car. It has three functions to clean the car. Brush is used to sweep the snow on body. Scraper is used to remove the ice on windshield. Squeegee is used to clean the water mist on windows
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Come in handy with this weather.
Do you know something about the weather forecast we don't ? lol ;-)
You're quite right though, cheap out of season.
Might get one for dog mess on the street

colder than ice........ … colder than ice........

Almost same price with delivery . . .
Thanks for posting :-)
Think I saw a few of these reduced in Aldi for a quid.
Got mine from Poundland last year and it's still going strong

Almost same price with delivery . . .

Buy in store I think Lidl had these last winter for £2.99 OR £1.99
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