Asda spicy chilli pepper rings 25p instore @ Asda Perry Barr

Asda spicy chilli pepper rings 25p instore @ Asda Perry Barr

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Posted 9th OctAvailable: National
Fiery jalapeños and peppers wrapped in a golden batter.

Asda Perry Barr 25p!

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A hot deal in more ways than one
Never had these before, thanks for making me aware of their existence, sound yummy, heat added
Don’t get excited. Nothing fiery about them. They have a funny taste about them if anything. 25p is a good price for them though.
There vile bought them yesterday
Got excited until I read the comments!!
Tried them yesterday just taste like normal rings with some sweet pepper and jalapenos in batter, still not bad for 25p
It's because they're crap.
just got a few bags, in W swindon. plenty left but no sel. 700g was £1.10
Everyone has different tastes buds
Sprinkle with a bit of Cajun spices, Jamaican jerk or fajita seasoning to pimp these if they’re bland or get a good dip to go with them.
Absolutely disgusting, threw them in the bin only place for them.
They sound nice
Frozen bag of battered spicy chilli rings going for 25p in my local Asda Eastleigh superstore. No idea if this is just my local store or all Asda are selling off there stock.
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