ASDA 'Status' 24 Hour Plug In Timer Switch £3

ASDA 'Status' 24 Hour Plug In Timer Switch £3

Found 20th Nov 2013
3 quid for timer switches, seems good value, bought a couple instore myself
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£2.39 in homebargains
£2.49 here (…100?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 ) delivered. Am using it and its fine.
You can get these from the pound shops as well - I'm sure people will quote 'quality' being a factor but they have to be half-decent as there's mains power involved so you have some pretty stringent testing.

I think a lot of people use the digital ones now anyway, mechanical ones seem to be on their way out (though I admit I still use one, they are useful)!
isnt this the usual price for these??
good point though, why on earth would you get this when you can get an easy to programme digital one.
Digital ones are atleast 2x the cost. These manual ones do have a tendency to give off a sound when moving / ticking.
Any recommendations on easy to programme digital ones please?
Asda have a digital one for £6 instore. Just as a guide price. I bought the one above and it works great. Doesnt tick or anything. Iv the electric blanket on it.
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