ASDA Sweet Chilli Prawn Skewers (200g) reduced to 50p.

ASDA Sweet Chilli Prawn Skewers (200g) reduced to 50p.

Found 1st Sep 2010Made hot 1st Sep 2010
In the freezer section today I spotted Asda Sweet Chilli Prawn Skewers reduced to clear at 50p per box. These are tail-on prawns marinated in sweet chilli sauce, on bamboo skewers, four skewers per box, and are really nice.

Might not be in all stores but there were absolutely loads in my local Asda so it's possible other stores will have them.

There's lots of other frozen barbecue items and lots of desserts reduced to 50p as well in the freezer section. Worth looking out for.


these look delish - proper naughty snack


As I'm not able to read minds, could you enlighten us as to what blummin Asda store is your 'local' ?

Ta muchly
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confirmed it is in eastleigh/chandlers ford store

filled up with these this evening

boxes marked as £2, previously discounted to £1, now marked down to 50p

also asda beef burgers lamb burgers, kitkat corneto's and a few other deserts 50p.

Very cheap so hard to complain at the price but the marinade on them is a bit yuk (and i love sweet chilli sauce!)

Have had these before, not too bad, but the prawns are like rubber.

these are lovely. The spare ribs were lovely as well but the are all gone now.

these are very nice - definitely hot for the price (bought about 6 packs from the Aberdeen store the other day).

If you think they're like rubber you should cook them at a higher heat (on a griddle with some oil is good) for a very short time. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle.

Just like an armadillo!

Got some from the Blackpool store
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