Asda Wine Boxes Half Price

Asda Wine Boxes Half Price

LocalFound 14th Oct 2008
Just been into local store and they seem to be clearing their wine boxes.
3L Asda Australian Chardonnay £6.74
3L Echo Falls Merlot £7.99

Several others around half price but mostly empty shelf!

Bought 15L to keep out the cold.
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To keep out the cold lol!!!!!
nice find will see if my local ones got any left when I go next cheers XX

How can it be voted cold???????????????????????
Great find. I see the "Cold police" are out in force again. Wierdos!!
They hate me because I'm beautiful. It's the only rational explanation.
Please can you post pictures ? are they on the asda web site
it might have been voted cold because there has been a zillion asda wine deals posted, this one i haven't seen yet... generally they end up being "bla bla bottle of wine reduced from £5 to £2 @ asda" or "asda have wine for £2!"
Cracking deal!
The only reason I can see that deals like this get voted "cold" is an attempt to distract people from the deal.. That way, the "Cold voters" stand a greater advantage of taking advantage of the deal themselves.
hot hot hot
love wine so you deserve the vote, even if its all sold out when I get there!
how long do these keep once opened?

how long do these keep once opened?

About 10 minutes in our house

Sorry I haven't got pictures. The boxes had been removed from their original position with the bottled wines and stuck on a makeshift shelf unit near the spirits. There were half a dozen White Zinfandel (rosé) ones left around the same price and a some others with no shelf-edge label to indicate how much they were. On reflection I probably should have chanced taking them to the checkout but was happy enough with the five I made off with (should last a fortnight!).
From what I could see they had pretty much gutted the boxed wine section to make way for more bottles. Have Asda got too much wine in their warehouses or something? The deals on at the moment seem unlikely to cover the duty/warehousing/transport costs.


About 10 minutes in our house

Yeah, sadly I've never had one around long enough to find out. The Echo Falls Merlot I just opened suggests it's good for six weeks (which is longer than I am).

About 10 minutes in our house

That long :w00t: LOL
why don't they make wine bottles square - much more wine per cubic metre in the cupboard:)
This must be part of their wine clearance making way for new lines that are reportedly coming in on Sunday. I've been going in each day and they seem to add new lines to the clearance. They had added the small (20-25cl) bottles of wine for £1, Laroche Chablis at £4.99 amongst others last night at my local
Not available in my Asda :-(
Just checked back at my branch and they've all gone. As said above they were probably making way for the new range as a new shelf of full-price wineboxes has appeared. Oh well, get 'em while they're hot (room temperature, chilled, whichever you prefer).
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