Asda yoghurts (all flavours) 450g half price - 50p

Asda yoghurts (all flavours) 450g half price - 50p

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Was after some yoghurt this morning for brekkie and with no offers on the usual muller varieties i stumbled onto asdas own large pots currently on offer half price at 50p. For 450g with loads of dff varieties i thought it was pretty good considering a single muller corner/rice is 61p+ in there!


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wow that was quick! might have to work my way through them.. awesome for smoothies

Anyone know when this offer expires? Been picking these up for probably over a week now and they are nice and there is a good choice of flavors. Would like to grab a few more before the offer finishes.

These have been on offer for about 3 weeks now......Love the lemon one.

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i'll pop in tonight and find out.. going to stock up for next week.

heat added!


Try the coconut flavour, it's lush.

I 2nd that!

I love the strawberry one! Great for adding to fruit for breakfast, 4 good size portions out it as well

Been buying the Vanilla and Coconut ones since end December, expect the price'll go back up soon.

Do they do unflavoured ones in this offer?

Deal finishes at weekend, new promos started on Monday

Yeah the Coconut flavour is amazing but the Lemon was far too strong for me so had to bin 2 of them.

Slangrish - you should have been working instead of posting this. Perhaps this is why you are so awful at your job.

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taught by a master


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coconut is awesome.


Asda Coconut yoghurt.............Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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