Posted 17 February 2024

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2024 [for PC]

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Photo Optimizer 2024 provides comprehensive image editing in just a few clicks. The program supports popular features such as image rotation, cropping, resizing and much more.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2024 is the simplest and fastest way to edit photos in a single click. Photos are auto-analyzed and all potential weaknesses regarding lighting, color temperature and contrasts detected. Afterwards, a special algorithm recreates each photo–with optimal results. Even mediocre shots will suddenly appear more vibrant and harmonious. Common issues like lack of contrast or noise are also fixed in one go. But no photo editor would be complete without classic features like color, brightness, contrast, and gamma manipulation as well as adjustment of light curves and many other parameters. You can also freely crop, rotate and resize your photos. This latest version also straightens image horizons to fix perspective issues and supports customizable text annotations to add a more personal touch to your photos.
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  1. madmosh_uk's avatar
    Be careful when you provide your email etc for the download. The next page (with the download link) has a huge "start" button and goes on about activating your account. This is a spam/scam link and you should ignore it. You get them on a lot of these sites.
    Bbqueue's avatar
    Years ago I signed up for one of their "freebies" but paid for it in the end with the crazy amount of spam I received! At least now they have to give you a way to unsubscribe in their messages!
  2. PlanetEco's avatar
    I've been utilising it for a while now, but regrettably, it is limited to Windows. Other than that, "FastStone"
    is such a fantastic piece of software.
  3. JamesClark1991's avatar
    No more tears, when editing.
    Shinobei's avatar
    Take two photo editing software into the shower? Not me, I just take new shampoo
  4. Afrim_Ramaj's avatar
    🧴 Shampoo
  5. warlockuk's avatar
    Shame they didn't call it a Photo Conditioner.
  6. MrLEGEND1235's avatar
    This is a blatant scam
  7. ohmygod2006's avatar
    I didn't know you have dandruff
  8. ArtistOne's avatar
    For PC everything and always free lol
    Name me the program which cannot be sourced 🤭
    ohmygod2006's avatar
    Adobe CC with all the latest features?
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