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Giant Defy 1 2013 (White) Now £799.99 with Free Delivery @ Ashcycles
Found 23rd Aug 2013Found 23rd Aug 2013
Price now dropped even lower with the 2014 models due out soon. Great reviews. I'm currently waiting for my employer to join the Cycle-to-Work scheme and this is the bike I have m… Read more

Really at that sort of money you end up with a carbon frame which is badly constructed, and will ride worst than this high end alluminum frame. Aswell as this carbon is more liable to breakages so probably best to stick to allumium at this price point


This bike is well worth the 'best bike for under £1000' accolades and at this price you just can't go wrong. I love mine (bought in June13) and have put well over a 1000 miles on so far without any issues. The frame is stiff and the bike gets up to speed very quickly. Compared to a bottom end carbon it's a no brainier. Shim 105 is more than good enough for 99% of us (only the deluded disagree) and changes are slick. The brakes are a lot better than I had read about and this last Sunday in pouring rain from manic Central London (yeah I know) all the way to Guildford they never missed a beat. The original tyres in this downpour even @ 120 psi defied logic and gave confidence to push hard through 'wacky races' traffic so much so on safe return that night I wrote a specific review. Mine is fitted with time pedals and Giant computer. The overall 'feel' this whole package gives is one of bomb proof build quality (I was a welding engineer and I'm impressed with the frame) and class. It's a performance bargain and gets nods of approval from the elite at Richmond park on machines costing five times as much. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.


The laws of diminishing returns sure kicks in with a completely awesome viciousness. But that has always been the way it has been. Fine wines, watches, automobiles, washing machines. Why not for the humbles bicycle too? As the price for product 'X' increases the actual value decreases while the perceived exclusivity increases. Depending on your point of view, that is just good marketing, if it succeeds, or lying, deception and fraud, if you don't much care for it.


my spare bike is a 2009 defy 1. i'm 5'10" and it's a medium which fits perfectly. that's not to say it will be the same for all people of the same height. always a good idea to try out sizes at lbs, although it's a bit cheeky to try out a bike and then buy it online. why not find a lbs that stocks defy 1 and ask them to price match? that way you can get sized properly and will benefit from their advice. it's also easier to return the bike if it develops problems. it's always advisable to have the bike serviced between 30-60 days, and most lbs offer this for free.


Really? That seems very small for someone your size? But I guess if it works.... I'd probably go 55 as I'm 6 ft 1 and all my bikes are approx 58cm range ish. But you really won't know till you sit on one and try its yourself.

GIANT DEFY 1 2013 WHITE (105) - £845.75 delivered @ Ashcycles
Found 9th Aug 2013Found 9th Aug 2013
Great price for a stunning bike, Voted best bike for £1000 by cycling plus : review PDF Spec: … Read more

picked up my 2014 in black/red today. Cant wait to put it through its paces! nice price for last years bike - it was simply brilliant during my weekend test ride.


Sweet :)


Are you really going to praise this bike even more than the seller just to get some heat? The seller's page in your Get Deal link clearly states UNDER £1000. It actually doesn't make sense to have a bike rated at a fixed price... You cannot give an award for a £998 bike, one for a £991 bike and so on. Oh well... if it makes sense in your world...


No. source: source:


No, voted best for UNDER £1000. Huge difference. Could you please make the correction? Love the way (or hate) posters try to attract more heat by any means possible.

Izip Trailz ST Ladies Electric Bike £
Found 21st Aug 2011Found 21st Aug 2011
This is the best price I found for an electric bike. IZIP is the most comprehensive line in the industry, covering the gambit of price points and user needs with a host of unique … Read more

for gents Reviews -


Tried to look for gents, all the ones around this price come up as page not found. Good price for ladies one though. Anyone know the difference between the ones costing twice as much - cant just be the frame styles (these are 2009) P :)

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Giant Yukon 2010 Womens Mountain Bike - £249.99 @ Ashcycles
Found 8th Sep 2010Found 8th Sep 2010
Great price and an excellent spec for a quality beginners hardtail MTB; still for sale everywhere else for £345!! IF YOUR IDEA OF FUN IS GOING OFF THE BEATEN PATH, FOLLOWING NEW … Read more

I would expect someone who (says) they've competed at that level to be somewhat more mature and literate than you appear to be. Durham Trials Synchronized Thrapping Display Team maybe!


oh i think i know a bit about bikes being in the durham trials display team the Giant Hawyes is a bike not this crap you wouldn't know a crankshaft from a w@nkshaft


With your knowledge it's bound to be overpriced...


cold from me! saw a bike for £50! earlier today


True, but so do a lot of others - I've found All Terrain Cycles to be appalling! Worth a phone call to check first and Ash customer service is excellent.

Giant Yukon Disc 2010 £299.49 @ Ash Cycles save 19% on a new 2010 model from the worlds biggest cycle manufacturer
Found 11th Jun 2010Found 11th Jun 2010
Great price for a nice bike, the only place on the web where this bike isn't it's recommended retaill price of £375.00

Love it! Very solidly built with some high quality components for a 'proper' entry-level MTB. Decent front forks, good gearing and a superb fluid-formed ali frame that's worthy of a much more expensive bike. The best thing is that it feels so strong and well put together. Only mod I've had to do was to change the grips for a decent pair of Ergons. I've always liked Giant and would highly recommend it for a mixture of leisure/off-road/commuting. As with any MTB, it might be a bit OTT purely for the road though.


How do you find the bike overall though?


This is great value. Recently paid £260 for the non-disc version, which was a bargain - would gladly have paid an extra £30 for this!!


it is indeed cheaper but not the same spec. I posted the disc brake version not the linear pull brakes!!


Different model...... One is Disc brake.

Dawes XC 2.4 Gents XC bike £319.99 (RRP £550)
Found 26th Aug 2008Found 26th Aug 2008
Great deal on a couple of decent XC bikes. They have a version with RockShox Dart forks with lockout and one with the standard Mazzorchi MZ fork. Both forks are reasonably feeble… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Although it was a little tongue-in-cheek glib comment by me, it tends to be true, as something of an old-school cycling-weeny, I've always wanted the lightest bike for the money I could afford. The one thing I would say, though, is that if you have any intentions of it being a sustained hobby, getting the lightest bike - or at least lightest frame you can afford, makes a lot of sense. Cyclists always tend to replace or change components, normally involving an upgrade along the way, so the lightest and best frame, is nearly always the best choice.


Very true. I bought my bike to get fit so it being a little bit heavy isn't a problem.


That's not a mile away from 14.8 KGs, though. Plus they tend to quote the lightest weight, that normally matches the smallest frame size that the bike is available in. Either way (14.2 or 14.8) it's still a good pound or two over 30 pounds, which is a fairly heavy bike. I mean a bike with suspension (even just front forks) is always going to be a bit heavier than a rigid bike, but all the same, 32lbs is 32lbs (to give context, my completely rigid mtb from 1995 is 23.5 lbs, stock - admittedly off-the-shelf was more expensive than this bike (it was around £700-800), but all the same - and the rigid mtb I had before that (1992 model) that was around £600 at the time, was 26lbs). All that said, unless you're in the best shape of your life, there's not many people (including cyclists) who couldn't afford to lose half a stone in body-weight / fat ;-)


The Dawes has a higher spec drive train than the Scott. 27 speed Deore rather than 24 speed Acera / Alivio. The fork is possibly not as good as the Dart or Marzochhi.


according to the webasite it only weighs 14.2 KG??????

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Raleigh Metro  GLX Plus (2008) £319.99 Free Delivery @ Ash Cycles
Found 18th Jul 2008Found 18th Jul 2008
As the name suggests the GLX Plus is an upgraded version of our premium GLX but includes an alloy pump, alloy water bottle, Axa lock and a light-set powered by a Shimano Dynamo hub… Read more

[SIZE="7"]2007[/SIZE] [SIZE="7"]Standard GLX model[/SIZE] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"]Fail.[/SIZE][/COLOR] :whistling:


[SIZE="4"][CENTER]ONLY £259.00[/CENTER] [/SIZE] [CENTER]:whistling:[/CENTER]


Giant Rincon Trail Sport Mountain Bike 2008 £234:99 Delivered BARGAIN!
Found 24th May 2008Found 24th May 2008
OK I know this is a bit of a niche market but this is a great bike from a great make at a great price! Seems to be a hundred quid more at most places. As has been said before, don'… Read more

good deal voted hot,cheers op!


Learn a bit about bikes then make some sensible comments


Having worked as a mechanic for a number of years, I would vouch for the comments made by other people about cheap bikes. Its nothing to do with marketing just solid proof by which bikes failed components sooner than others. Warranties are longer on entry level mountain bikes than 'bargain' bin bikes as it expected that they will outperform a budget bike. Your much more likely to have components fail/break on a cheap £100 bike although you are unlikely to use this kind of bike for the same kind of riding as someone looking to spend around £250. A 'mountain' bike for £100 with full suspension is 'not' something you would take on anything adventurous unless you need your head examining! The components are cheap for a reason, they are not very good quality, are poorly made and are very heavy. I am voting warm on this bike as it is a good bargain, Giant are a good bike company (My first mountain bike was a Giant Sierra 19 years ago!) but it may be a good idea looking for a 2007 bike if your looking to save money.


Anyone advocating a £100 dual suspension disc brake bike has clearly never ridden a proper bike. Any Giant, Gary Fischer, GT, Kona etc for £200 with 'only V brakes' and only 'rigid forks' or front suspension will out perform the horrible cheap ones by a long long shot. I would suspect that V brakes with proper alloy levers will out perform rubbish cable discs with plastic levers etc. Quite simply cheap bikes at best make progress difficult (they are REALLY heavy) and at worse are death traps. If you only have £100 to spend get a £200 bike second hand on ebay for £80 and have it serviced at a bike shop. You will enjoy cycling more and be safe.


I have the 2006 version of this bike and it is still going strong after nearlly 2 yeras of abuse. I've only replaced the inner tubes and brake pads.. It gets used every day and has survived somre big jumps, lots of riding down stairs and the horrors of cycling on the roads. Well worth the money