Asia Extreme Original Ring Trilogy Collector's Edition Box Set (DVD) (4 Disc) - Only £6.99 Delivered @ Play
Asia Extreme Original Ring Trilogy Collector's Edition Box Set (DVD) (4 Disc) - Only £6.99 Delivered @ Play

Asia Extreme Original Ring Trilogy Collector's Edition Box Set (DVD) (4 Disc) - Only £6.99 Delivered @ Play

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An exclusive fourth disc which includes Hideo Nakata's unseen 2000 feature 'Sleeping Bride', aka 'Glass Brain'
Deleted scenes from 'Ring 0'
Director interviews
Film notes from critic Kim Newman
Region 0

Ring (1998) Within a week of watching a mysterious videotape, a group of teenagers are dead. The bodies are found gruesomely contorted, their eyes frozen as if they had seen something more terrifying than any physical threat. The video then becomes an urban myth. Insidiously, an unseen force is pointing its deadly finger at those poor souls unable to resist their curiosity. One of those people is cynical journalist Reiko, who soon finds herself unwillingly drawn into a spiralling nightmare of fear from an unseen, omnipresent threat.

The most unsettling film since 'The Exorcist', with an unnatural presence that touches every nerve in your body, 'Ring' is a beast of an entirely different order. Critically acclaimed as one of the most frightening horror films in years, 'Ring' delivers a tense, spine-chilling atmosphere, filled with an overwhelming sense of dread and a potent presence of unworldly evil. Dark, sinister and genuinely horrifying, this is a film you will never forget!

Ring 2 (1998) After losing her boyfriend to the deadly virus which took its grip in the first instalment of the Ring series, journalist Mai Takano decides to conduct her own investigation into the powers of the lethal videotape. Along the way she witnesses the gruesome effects wrought up on those who have been exposed to it, until eventually her investigation leads her deeper and deeper into the dark world of Sadako.

Director Hideo Nakata's follow up to his own, highly acclaimed 'Ring' is an atmospheric and disturbing tale which combines elements of the supernatural and the technological to chilling effect. Like its predecessor, 'Ring 2' has the power to fill the viewer with an all-pervasive sense of evil and dread, and should not be seen alone...

Ring 0 (2000) Sadako is a young aspiring actress working with a strict director and an unfriendly cast. When a reporter starts investigating Sadako's spiritualist mother, she takes more notice in Sadako just as a series of strange deaths start sweeping through the drama club...

This third movie in the popular 'Ring' trilogy is a prequel to the original 'Ring' (or Ringu) movie, intended to explain how Sadako became the tormented spirit who would later terrorize video viewers.

Sleeping Bride Hideo Nakata's distinctive take on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale was adapted from Yuki Kohara's popular manga. Part thriller, part comedy, it tells of a baby girl who survives a car crash before a young man wakes her from her coma 17 years later...


A total bargain! Been a fair few years since I bought this (and paid £30) but heat, heat and more heat!

The sequel and prequel follow the law of diminishing returns for film series but they add to the overall story arc quite well. The ending of the original has to be one of the scariest moments in cinematic history, even the many parodies of it in the intervening years haven't dulled its impact. An absolute classic - heat from me.
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