Asics Men’s Gel-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes  £102 @ Amazon

Asics Men’s Gel-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes £102 @ Amazon

Found 2nd Mar
Not everyone’s cup of tea to spend so much on a pair of runners but best price for the black and white design.
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Blimey 100 squid for trainers.
£120 most other places.

Good deal based on comparison. Will go cold no doubt due to people not knowing they’re value!
For that price I hope the trainers do all the running.
A £100? That’s a tad bit dear.
Cold for me.
I have a pair and not the best running shoes I’ve had, certainly not for the money.
I'd rather hold on and get the Nimbus 2000..... Then I can really woosh away
This is a great deal ! cheapest anywhere !
If you know what ur talking about in trainers terms, you should know these are a good deal at this price, unless you wait a year for for when the next latest model comes out, up to you, but only trainers i will buy to run in
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I’ve currently got the Gel-pulse 8 which have seen a lot of miles and I need to change. The Gel-pulse 9 are currently £60 cheaper on Amazon in my size, are these better than the 8 or not much difference? I’d be happy with replacement 8 but not at the prices.
These are the nimbus trainers, Asics best! £100 is a bargain
All black though, would look like I’m running in school shoes, good price (albeit still pricey for none serious) but would hate using them.
People spend more on 'exclusive' Nikes, but Asics suit other people.
I’m not a big fan of the colour but until someone can show me a cheaper deal for these trainers then this is hot
maffeycourt18 h, 59 m ago

Blimey 100 squid for trainers.

Fair point, but running shoes can and do cost much more. These are for frequent runners as provide comfort and support and are ideal for commuting to work as enable you to run frequently. At £100, whilst expensive, but much cheaper than elsewhere which is why this is a hot deal.
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