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Sony MDR-ZX770BNB Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, Black £99 @ Ask Direct
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Posted 23rd Feb 2017Posted 23rd Feb 2017
Sony MDR-ZX770BNB Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, Black £99 @ Ask Direct£99
Not the cheapest they've ever been, but the cheapest I can find them currently. 20 quid cheaper than Amazon.
Sony MDR-XB950AP Premium Xtra Bass Overhead Headphones £54.50 at Ask Direct
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Posted 3rd Jan 2017Posted 3rd Jan 2017
Sony MDR-XB950AP Premium Xtra Bass Overhead Headphones £54.50 at Ask Direct£54.50
Great pair of headphones and I believe this is one of the lowest prices yet for this pair of headphones. Around ear enfolding design for suitable direction of audio Metal and padd… Read more
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Sony TV Deal - £1599 @ AskDirect
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Posted 9th Nov 2016Posted 9th Nov 2016
Sony TV Deal - £1599 @ AskDirect£1,599
Found this deal on Ask Direct for Sony Tv's. Seems good vs Currys, PC World Etc. You get a much better soundbar than their comparative offers

Not sure, but if the visuals are good and you get a a separate sound system... what else matters?


What's wrong with it? I'm looking at buying the xd80 which is a model or two down from this one


I have this tv not impressed for £1600 .... good picture everything else is crap ..wish I could return


It's a better Soundbar @ Ask. Think it's £100+ more expensive


Great TV especially after the update the other day to improve input lag when gaming. Not a great deal though as everyone is doing this promo. Richer sounds would be a better option with their warranty and the actual customer service they provide

Samsung UE48JU7500 48" Curved 4K UHD TV £749 @ Ask
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Posted 2nd May 2016Posted 2nd May 2016
Samsung UE48JU7500 48" Curved 4K UHD TV £749 @ Ask£749
Been looking at this TV for the last couple of weeks and this is the best price I can find. Seems to score fairly highly on reviews, just trying to convince the wife that we need o… Read more

I included capital letters to prove it's true.


This is a bit of a stretch lol. This and the JU7000 are probably the best 'cheap' 4K televisions you can buy at the moment though.


Really? :/ what's so great about this tv?


I bought this yesterday from John Lewis for £759 with five year guarantee on a price match to Crampton Moore. Looks to be a good TV at a good price. A Best Buy on Which?


Have the 55" 7000 model, exchanged from faulty Sony 49" I would advise 55" screen to really appreciate 4K if you have the space

Bose Solo 15 TV sound bar £249 @ AskDirect
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Posted 8th Apr 2016Posted 8th Apr 2016
Bose Solo 15 TV sound bar £249 @ AskDirect£249
Bose sound bar £249, I recently purchased mine for £400 and haven't seen them much cheaper anywhere else. 1 years warranty too!… Read more

Bose Solo 30? Does that exist?




opening a can of worms there pal.


I know , its just silly ! Apples are way better than Oranges ;)


​ its like comparing apple's to oranges...

10% off all Sonos @ Ask
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Posted 27th Feb 2016Posted 27th Feb 2016
10% off all Sonos @ Ask
Ask Direct are taking 10% off all Sonos products this weekend. Seriously tempted to buy the Play 5 at £40 cheaper than everywhere else.

Damn. Saw this too late. Price will go up tomorrow and they won't honour it! Submitted one to JL but don't think it'll process in time.


Same here, got a price match from Richer sounds for black Play 5. Guy in store was wavering at first, as when you try to check out the item from the Ask Direct website, it actually shows up as a pre-order. He relented in the end though. Didn't try for the price - beat (which would have been amother £10 off). Thanks OP!


Richer sounds price matched so got Play 5 latest edition in black, in store, for £359 happy days


I have just completed a John Lewis never knowingly undersold query for the 5.1 system in the hope that they honour the combined price and I can get an extra 2% off.


2year warranty is from Sonos. Buy it!

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Sony srs-X77 portable 40W Wireless Speaker - Wifi/Bluetooth/NFC/Airplay £159 at AskDirect
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Posted 27th Jan 2016Posted 27th Jan 2016
Sony srs-X77 portable 40W Wireless Speaker - Wifi/Bluetooth/NFC/Airplay £159 at AskDirect£159
Ive been looking for a decent price for a Sony wireless Wifi speaker for a few months now, and AskDirect came up trumps with the SRSX77. Having fell out of love with Sony products … Read more

Yes, I expected that but I'd still hope for much improved sound from my flatscreen telly which like almost all modern tellys has weedy down firing speakers. At least this would have the sound pointing towards me with, in theory double, the power. Please let me know if you attach this to your TV and if it makes a worthwhile difference.


beastman - I've just ordered this but I wouldn't expect it to be much cop as a TV speaker since the left and right speakers are slap bang next to each other so the stereo field will be extremely narrow.


Can u guys who have this, comment on the suitability of this for an addon TV speaker? I am looking at something like this that can add to my flatscreen TV's weedy sound and as this is rated at 40 watts (the TV is only 20) I suspect it will help fill the room with sound. Obviously I'm not expecting a home cinema sound but something approaching a cheapo soundbar equivalent would be good enough. I'm also looking at this as I would detach it regularly for use in the garden as a portable speaker (well in the summer at least!).


I saw that deal last year but couldn't justify the price or get anyone else to go halfers with me. I wish I had just got two back then as it really is an excellent bit of kit, although as it also has a rechargeable battery it is easy to move about the house also. X)


Excellent speaker, use it regularly at home as avoids having to turn on pc and sound system to listen to Spotify and TuneIn radio. I got it on the Curry's offer last year, 2 of these for 300 so went 50 50 with a friend got one each. Top quality sound and zero connectivity issues. Haven't tried NFC as my phone doesn't support it, but Wi-Fi is a God send - much faster and noticeably better audio quality than Bluetooth (and greater range). Haven't seen it this cheap since Curry's deal.

Nikon D800E 36.3MP Digital SLR Camera Body £1499.00 @ AskDirect
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Posted 20th Mar 2015Posted 20th Mar 2015
Nikon D800E 36.3MP Digital SLR Camera Body £1499.00 @ AskDirect£1,499
Great pro camera at fantastic price if one can afford it.

Yes indeed a bargain anyone know if it is a grey ? oos though


No stock.


Lovely camera, a friend of mine has one, but I think I prefer the slightly smaller (and newer) D750.


Great price


Misprice or great deal!

Samsung UE65HU7200U 65" 4K Ultra HD Curved TV - £1499.99 @ Ask Direct
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Posted 12th Mar 2015Posted 12th Mar 2015
Samsung UE65HU7200U 65" 4K Ultra HD Curved TV - £1499.99 @ Ask Direct£1,499.99
I bought this a week ago from Appliances Online for £1849.99 so I'm slightly miffed but it's a brilliant tv. The UHD upscaling is superb and it has SO many features. Currently ret… Read more


Comment Get up and take a closer look


I have this tv , got if from JL in November for around £2400 It's a good telly, I watched Netflix breaking bad and the films that come with it in 4k which are freekin awesome - but there is no 4k content really out there so mainly watching freeview still lol. Got the curved Soundbar with it and it's a nice enough set up. Ps4 isn't 4k so don't expect much on that front. It's a big tv. 4k is great but content still hasn't picked up enough. This is a bargain. Heat


Ultra HD is 4K.


Been going to cinemas for 40+ years. I've rarely, if ever, seen a curved cinema screen.

Nikon D800E 36.3MP Digital SLR Camera Body £1499.00 Askdirect
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Posted 12th Mar 2015Posted 12th Mar 2015LocalLocal
Nikon D800E 36.3MP Digital SLR Camera Body £1499.00 Askdirect£1,499 36.3 megapixel FX-format sensor with optical low pass filter Multi-CAM3500FX 51-point AF system Multi-area D-Movie recor… Read more

Sorry i bought the last one they had!


great price.


any experience with the seller? Tempting.... Actually I just noticed that they have a London store. I will go and have a look. Thanks for posting

Canon EOS 7D MK II Digital SLR Camera Body only £1349 - one day sale @ AskDirect
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Posted 1st Jan 2015Posted 1st Jan 2015
Canon EOS 7D MK II Digital SLR Camera Body only £1349 - one day sale @ AskDirect£1,349
Yes it's another Ask deal, but this time a higher end Canon model, and just until midnight today. Not one I will be buying, but seems to be the cheapest UK price.

HDEW warranty though, Not a Canon warranty - might make a difference if something goes wrong, for £50 I know which one I'd go for


Just for info and it may help someone. Looks like it's available here. Pay with Paypal too. I'm not sure if Paypal makes buying safer as I have seen mixed reviews about SLRHut. Happy New Year. :)


£1299 @ HDEW Grey import,but with uk warranty


If my credit card hadn't been compromised on Christmas Eve I would have bought this. Not much more expensive than a grey. Voted Hot


U Can Find Cheaper Here .......... http://www.****

samsung 55inch smart led lcd tv ue55h6200 £599 @ ask direct
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Posted 26th Dec 2014Posted 26th Dec 2014
samsung 55inch smart led lcd tv ue55h6200 £599 @ ask direct£599
just bought this TV form ask direct. excellent pictures and good reviews. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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RobiCraig "An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word (e.g. ASCII, NASA)." DSE is an initialism. I know you'll hate me for this but I'm not trying to be a smart ass. Honest!


An excellent choice. Top TV. John Lewis will price match also.


Thanks - I've decided after all to reserve the 6400 at Richer Sounds for £749 with the 5 year warranty. It'll be nice to have the extra smart remote and 2x 3D glasses (even tho I know we won't use them!)


There are some reviews here. It's the same price at Pixmania + delivery but if you check on the site below Samsung's Clear Motion Rate of 100Hz isn't 100Hz in the true sense of the word. It is in fact only a 50H tv. I would check out both consumer and expert reviews before buying any tv as well as looking in the shop. If you see a tv you like but picture is a bit rubbish don't be afraid to grab a remote and have a play as sometimes they are not set up correctly. See also Personally I am not sure if I would buy this tv. As always there always seems to be a better model but beyond budget. I would go for the 6400.


Has anyone ordered this tv? I'm thinking of getting it, but not too sure about askdirect?

Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit £429.00 @ Ask Direct. £389 with £40 Cashback
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Posted 25th Dec 2014Posted 25th Dec 2014
Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit £429.00 @ Ask Direct. £389 with £40 Cashback£429
Not the latest version but still a good camera and with the cash back of £40 from Nikon it works out at £389 which is the lowest ever according to Camera Price buster. That makes … Read more

Oops. I meant Nikon. Looked at too many cameras lately. Corrected it now.


Sorry but why would Canon give cash back on a Nikon ?

Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR with 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit at Askdirect £449.00 (£399 after cashback)
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Posted 24th Dec 2014Posted 24th Dec 2014
Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR with 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit at Askdirect £449.00 (£399 after cashback)£449
Similar to my recent post, but now £399 after £50 Canon cashback plus Wifi card from Canon. Cheapest price on Camera Price Buster £524.00 (before cashback). Free delivery or coll… Read more

Got my wireless ad card, Toshiba branded on Saturday. Due to jl system messing up my order multiple times, it worked out well good.


I just saw that well it's a 3 years warranty and it was the 700D but not sure what origin, I assume Europe but with warranty from a third party. So I can only redomment the ebay seller britishdeals and would buy it again from there


gGot my £50 cash back from Canon, wireless memory card on its way to me.


Got the confirmation email, said to allow 28 days. Well pleased, the ultimate glitch of cancelling my order feels like a blessing now. The hood for the lens after market from China 99p, fleabay hope it reaches me fine after a month or when ever I receive it. The after market lens is what I would like to buy. Does anyone have experience getting delivery from China via tnt? Thanks all for help and op for this thread.


Got my £50 today took about 2 weeks.

Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR with 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit at Askdirect £529 (£429 after cashback) + Extra's
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Posted 5th Dec 2014Posted 5th Dec 2014
Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR with 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit at Askdirect £529 (£429 after cashback) + Extra's£529
I already have a 600D from last year, but this looks a good deal from Askdirect (not updated on Camerapricebuster yet). £529 less £50 from ASK, less £50 cashback from Canon (which… Read more

600D bodies were being sold off at Curry's the other month for less than £200, for me the twisty flip lcd is a must for me. If I didn't own a 600D and was just starting I would go for the 700D body only and add a nifty fifty and zoom with my feet.


This is a good deal no doubt but unless you're already invested in the Canon system I'd take a Nikon D5200 over this. There's even an argument that unless you particularly want some of the features this model offers you'd be better off with a 100D and saving your cash.


had a canon slr before and they are excellent was never disappointed


600D v 700D


Yes I'd probably need to go to the 6d

Panasonic LF1 digital camera - £259.99 - Ask Direct
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Posted 25th Jan 2014Posted 25th Jan 2014
Panasonic LF1 digital camera - £259.99 - Ask Direct£259.99
Current best price for this often overlooked gem of a camera, especially for those who value a viewfinder. Great f/2 7.1 times zoom lens with a larger than normal sensor that easil… Read more

The cold voters are ensuring many will miss out on this camera, which is really very good! I took some photos yesterday in very dull conditions and they can match images from my Panasonic GF3. In fact due to the auto HDR mode many came out a lot better! This is a great camera that anyone can pick up and use in iA auto mode and be sure of getting nice images.


Using the word "nearly" is a bit misleading when comparing the LF1 to a £369 camera. That's 40% more.


The rx100 mk 1 is nearly in this price range.


But the IQ is not far off and the LX7 has no viewfinder and won't fit in your pocket! This really is a nice camera for having with you at all times. In iA mode anyone can use it and get great pictures, benefiting from the 7x zoom lens and automatic HDR mode, as well as advanced users that can benefit from the creative modes. It's a shame more people don't take a closer look at this camera, including handling it in store, as it really is a cracking buy for the discerning family photographers.


The problem for this camera is the IQ isn't quite as good as its fellow Panasonic, the LX7, with it's sharper and faster lens.

Canon EOS100D With 18-55mm III DC Lens Kit for only £379.95 + £40 cashback from Canon- Ask Direct In-Store
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Posted 29th Dec 2013Posted 29th Dec 2013
Canon EOS100D With 18-55mm III DC Lens Kit for only £379.95 + £40 cashback from Canon- Ask Direct In-Store£379.95
If you buy any combination of 2 promotional models(Ex: Camera & Lens) in a single transaction then you will receive £35 cash back bonus. For more details visit https://canon-wi… Read more

Amazon been running it for best part of 9-10 weeks. EOS 600D + kit lens (IS version) + £30 cashback + free 40mm lens - £390-£420 fluctuation. edit - oops sorry it's the 40mm pancake lens...


Let me know where this deal is please. I'll happily pay this price plus "£10 or so" for a canon 20mm pancake lens that fits standard eos bodies.

robo989 100D not much worse overall and actually better in some important areas, but consumer image for resale will be a lot worse.


Not judging the deal, but the only real advantage of the 600D over the 100D that I can see is the articulated screen


The cheapest price I have found so far for this camera and the next best price is on Amazon is selling for £429. I am not comparing any cameras here but if you would like to compare these 2 cameras then this camera is smallest and lightest DSLR currently in production.

ASK Direct - Canon IXUS 510 HS - £74.99 with Free Delivery (White Only)
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Posted 2nd Dec 2013Posted 2nd Dec 2013
ASK Direct - Canon IXUS 510 HS - £74.99 with Free Delivery (White Only)£74.99
Great deal - RRP is £349.95 - but now £74.99 - Canon IXUS 510 HS 10.1mp Digital Compact Camera white. Specs: - 10.1MP 1/2.3 type back-illuminated CMOS - 12 x Optical Zoom Lens - … Read more

I ordered one yesterday and I received a call today saying that they are out of stock of this model, but suggested a replacement (similar model: Canon Digital IXUS 240) which is not discounted on their website, but charging the same price as above. However, they said only pink colour is available as a replacement.


Out of stock now


Cracking camera. Payed 220 for it last year :( Wifi paired with the Canon app for ios or android is fantastic. Just used it on our last holiday, was great for sending out pictures to people while away without a computer.


Ordered one!! Thanks


[img]〈=en[/img] Half the price of Amazon's best ever price! HOT :)

Toshiba USB3 Portable 1TB Hard Drive £44.99 delivered @ play (askdirect)
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Posted 21st Aug 2013Posted 21st Aug 2013
Toshiba USB3 Portable 1TB Hard Drive £44.99 delivered @ play (askdirect)£44.99
High Speed Storage, Via the USB 3.0 port you store your data with super speed. Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 it is easy to use for everybody. Easy Plug and Play Operation, Read… Read more

Received this item today by 24 hr Courier Delivery! Very pleased with it - also £1.58 cashback from TBC - so a great price! Super replacement for my 80 GB CORE external that keeps filling up. Thanks to OP! :D


Showing as £59.99 now


I have one of these from when it was £52 on Amazon a few months ago and it's a great little drive - does the job.


good price but seller looks a little fishy


Depends on what you are looking for - I have had a Razer Diamondback I got when on offer on Play about 3 or 4 years ago and working like a dream since - this is with heavy daily / gaming usage :-)

2013 Panasonic 47 inch LED TV, TX-L47ET60b Passive 3D smart features £769.95 @ask direct
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Posted 25th Jun 2013Posted 25th Jun 2013
2013 Panasonic 47 inch LED TV, TX-L47ET60b Passive 3D smart features £769.95 @ask direct£769.95
Latest 2013 edition at a knock down price. Great reviews on Amazon and Avforums it's very popular. Next best price £849. This was £1099 on launch with an RRP of £1279 Free deliver… Read more

Under the posting if the deal there is a button for expire


Ratfink - I've not long been a member, could you explain how to expire someone else's deal?


How bout expiring rather than voting cold??!!


Now £959.95 at the link above so cold.


... This Panasonic isn't a plasma.. Samsung 8000 LEDs are high end tvs in the Samsung line and hence will be higher spec'd compared to the entry level Panasonic ET range (and much higher priced!). I went for the WT50 @£899 mainly due to higher specs and the black bezel (don't like silver). Though at the time 47" ET60 was £899, so I might have made a different choice now (though I love my WT50). IMO plasmas are too dark/dull and tvs don't look that nice, but if you're a hardcore gamer it'll be better for fast paced games and probably input lag.