Asos Vivienne Westwood Melissa Orb Ballet shoes £25!

Asos Vivienne Westwood Melissa Orb Ballet shoes £25!

Found 16th Aug 2012
Fuschia only,normally £85 so great deal! sizes 3-8
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Who would pay £85 for rubber shoes? oO
I have the Westwood Melissa skyscrapers - best shoes I've ever worn, so comfortable due to being rubber and their shoes are tainted with a strawberry smell which is beautiful!
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They are gorgeous! I have the lady dragon heels in lilac,would have snapped these up but not my colour sadly : (
Thanks a lot me and my sister have just got a pair!
These are overpriced, and I love my labels and shoes.

They also look really tacky in the flesh. Just about worth £25 at a push.
Melissa shoes are incerdibly hard wearing. I've had a pair of flat Westwood ones for about three years, wear them all the time and they still look brand new. I'd get these if the other colours were reduced too.
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