Aspire SA90 Celeron Dual Core 512MB RAM 160GB HDD DVD RW Card Reader Keyboard Mouse Vista £170.52 Delivered1

Aspire SA90 Celeron Dual Core 512MB RAM 160GB HDD DVD RW Card Reader Keyboard Mouse Vista £170.52 Delivered1

Found 10th Mar 2008
Aspire SA90, Intel Celeron 925 Dual Core, 512MB RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD RW, SIS® MirageTM 3 graphics up to 128MB, 9 in 1 Card Reader,PS2 Keyboard and ball mouse, Vista Home Basic £170.52 including free delivery at Amazon...

* Aspire SA90
* Intel Celeron 925 Dual Core
* 512MB RAM
* 160GB HDD
* SIS� Mirage 3 graphics up to 128MB
* 9 in 1 Card Reader
* PS2 Keybaord and ball mouse
* Vista Home Basic


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Manufacturer's Description
The Aspire SA90 brings the range of performance capability from Intel® Celeron value through to aggressive Intel® Core2 Duo technology. The best value solution for Windows Vista.Highlighted by the new feature-filled Windows Vista operating system, the Aspire SA90 offers a truly immersive multimedia experience. Impressive hardware versatility and efficiency coupled with a host of entertainment and productivity software bestows you with a PC that meets both performance and budget requirements.

Box Contents

Acer Aspire SA90 Tower Desktop
Power cord
User Manual
Warranty Registration Card
Recovery CD
PS2 Keyboard and mouse

The Dell Vostro 200 posted earlier is both a better spec and cheaper.…-1/

I guess this isn't bad if you have some sort of aversion to buying from Dell. You'll want to buy some more RAM for it mind you.

“Intel Celeron 925 Dual Core”

There’s no such CPU so I guess they mean a Pentium D 925 which is 3GHz Netbust Pentium 4. Not great CPUs but at least it’s one of the 65nm versions.

This has a better processor than the vostro.

There is only one dual-core celeron so far, the E1200 so I assume its that one…htm

This is just a core 2 duo with reduced l2 cache to 512k

It’s not a good base to upgrade from as the SiS chipset is weak:

Max FSB of 800, single channel RAM only with maximum of two slots, no quad core support, weak integrated graphics, 2 SATA ports.

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now £170.52 delivered!
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