ASRock H110M COMBO-G Intel H110 1151 Micro ATX : £60.87 @ BT Shop

ASRock H110M COMBO-G Intel H110 1151 Micro ATX : £60.87 @ BT Shop

Found 1st Jan 2016
Great for all of you who have updated to Skylake (intel Gen 6) processors but want to keep your old DDR3 memory.

Best price I could find. £57.38 + £3.49 pp

Click on link for full description.
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for a cheap Skylake system you could just add an i5 6500 from CEX (£125), fast CPU for gaming and everything else
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I picked up a i5 6600 in my local CEX for £140
Ehhh isn't the DDR3 that skylake supports actually DDR3L, a lower voltage version? In which case whacking in any old DDR3 sticks you have lying around might not work, I'm sure someone that knows more about this/this particular board can chime in but I'm fairly certain you'd end up having to buy newer ram anyway
Yeah, intel doesn't officially support standard DDR3 in skylake setups, in fact they say it could damage the CPUs:…ly/
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As long as you do not go above 1.65v its perfectly safe.
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Even the specs say:

Types of memory which can be used with the product.

1066,1333,1600,1866,2133 MHz
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