Assasin's Creed 3D Blu-Ray (Region 1) £27.15

Assasin's Creed 3D Blu-Ray (Region 1) £27.15

Found 20th Mar 2017
"Hmmm do I want this 3d BluRay now or do I want to wait until May when it comes out in the UK?"

NB US Retail is $49.99 - this is a ComicCon offer that also includes a limited edition comic

This is also the 3 disc version - not to be confused with the 1 disc UK release in May (which is cheaper)
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Incidentally the 4k release is also available "for a few dollars more" but sadly does not include the 3d BluRay in the package.
The internet gave me the ISO for free, how kind.

The internet gave me the ISO for free, how kind.



Prefer Black Sails.
Another nail in the coffin of game to movie adaptations, and a bad start to the Ubisoft movie studio's life.

Expensive at this price for such a bad film.
Such a bad film! Tried to watch it several times- epic fails!! Really badly done!
Boring. Long. Poorly shot action scenes and a dull as dish water story. So disappointed.
Just got my free comic (digital):
I must of been living under a rock as I don't remember seeing this at the cinema?
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