Assassins Creed 2 (Game Of The Year Platinum) PS3 £9.93@Lovefilm

Assassins Creed 2 (Game Of The Year Platinum) PS3 £[email protected]

Found 15th Oct 2010Made hot 15th Oct 2010
Use the voucher glitch at…251
Just add code CRASH3 to basket


Thanks that's a good game!

Cracking game

great price!!

amazing game better then red dead redemption

Tis a very good game. Just the right length (25 hours) and not too repetitive.
Amazing graphics.
Great fun poisoning the lute players.

I am playing this at the moment, near the end ( I think ) great game, I was attacked by a band of Lute player today. DAM!!!! Must have been 5 or 6 of them, Trying at the moment to kill that chap on the boat without being seen, nightmare!!

going out on a bender tonight and will spend most of tomorrow in bed playing this... just finished the first one. cool/geeky weekend planned!

HOT deal

This is my favourite game so far on the PS3, can't wait for Brotherhood to get the rest of Ezio's story

Can't seem to get this to work...The glitch doesn't seem to be working anymore...

I can add this, then a boxset. Then add the code...I see £3 knocked off...Then I remove the boxset...The £3 disappears...maybe they fixed it...

I will, however, buy this when it's £9.99...(listen up retailers)

No can't get it to work either.
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