Assassins Creed 2 PC £22.93 @ The Hut

Assassins Creed 2 PC £22.93 @ The Hut

Found 4th Mar 2010
Cheapest price i could find online at £22.93, and with the code its only £20.64, and possibly get another 3.5% cashback from quidco or topcashback.

Game will be released tomorrow 5th March.

edit* 10% code now expired, price back to £22.93


Great Game, I really enjoyed this. I never played the first one but most reviews say Ac2 put's it to shame

The code is for XBox've posted the PC version, no?

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the code is for xbox and pc games

Not bothered about the intense DRM, but I can't find a lot of other info about the PC version.

Requires constant internet connection to play. Draconian ]DRM... pass!



Requires constant internet connection to play. Draconian ]DRM... pass!:x

Yep. Not for me.

Great game. I've not bought Ubisoft games for some time, due to poor quality, etc. (I own PS3).
All Ubisoft games (certainly big releases anyway) from now apparently use their new drm.

As posted earlier, a constant connection is required to ubisoft servers, if your router crashes, you network fails, any other problem and you game is as good as over. All saves are stored on Ubisoft servers = if their servers are down - so is your game.

On-top of all the problems posted above, expect many/all customers being unable to play due to the crumby drm, bugs, etc.

Splintercell is also confirmed to be using this form of drm also.

Piracy is cited as the reason for using this form of drm.


Clearly the only people being punished are the legitimate customers.

Expect Ubisoft to, in a few months (due to the fact the ball is already rolling), decide that this drm will not be used and claim piracy has destroyed the sales of it games (down $?????? in lost profits).

They will from that point most likely use another form of drm. Eventually I wouldn't be suprised if they said they only develop console games - direction a lot of companies are heading = higher profit margins


Piracy is cited as the reason for using this form of drm.

Despite second-hand sales actually annoying publishers far more, and in case you don't believe me:
I quote from their official ]FAQ:
"Can I resell my game?
Not at this time.

Can I resell my game along with my Ubisoft account?
Your Ubisoft account features your personal data and cannot be given or sold to anyone."

Sorry was supposed to mention that, forgot due to my post getting out of hand. THEY cite piracy as the reason for drm. It is all to do with second hand / pre-owned games.

A lot of the top companies want to abolish it. They have just about sucessed with the pc sector, the console market is on a fast track route straight to conglomerate domination. For some reason the populace is happy to be led like sheep, then complain when it is too late.

These companies (while developing some very good games) are being coerced into creating a monopoly which removes ALL rights of it's customers. My Son will be forced to work his entire life, earning his wage for his pay to be docked in taxes and subscriptions. Gaming is almost dead to me...... sadly.

bah, i was waiting to get this on pc to play it at a decent resolution... hadnt heard about the new drm so i might just get it for 360 instead. Twonks

Yeah I was looking forward to the PC version.. After reading about this DRM nightmare I think I may look for a good xbox or ps3 version deal.
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