Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Xbox 360) - £23.00 @ Amazon
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Xbox 360) - £23.00 @ Amazon

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Xbox 360) - £23.00 @ Amazon

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Product Description

Ezio Auditore da Firenze returns for the last time, in a direct sequel to 2009's smash hit Assassin's Creed II. For the first time ever in the series a fully-featured multiplayer mode will allow you to compete against your friends, as well as continue the centuries old battle against the Knights Templar.

The multiplayer modes are no simple deathmatch game though, as you play the various different character classes against each other and play the role of predator and prey simultaneously. You won't be working alone in the single player mode either, as Ezio commands a whole team of fellow assassins. Each has their own skills and weapons and it's up to you to train and customise them, as they evolve throughout the game.

You'll need all the help you can get too, with enemy soldiers that are more intelligent and aggressive than ever before, in the biggest and most action-packed historical adventure yet.

Key Features

* Return Bout: Become Ezio the master assassin once again, with a new 15 hour single player epic that lets you take the fight to the heart of the Templar organisation.
* The A-Team: Find, recruit and train your own team of assassins, and customise them to work alone on secret missions or help you track down targets.
* Multiplayer Creed: For the first time ever in an Assassin's Creed game enjoy a host of new multiplayer modes and play as a range of character classes - from blacksmith to courtesan.
* Roman Holiday: Fight to liberate Rome from tyranny in the largest city ever seen in the series. Use your own money to rebuild landmarks and unlock extra missions.
* Weapons Master: Utilise a range of new weapons and equipment provided by Leonardo da Vinci, including poison darts, double hidden blades and a parachute.


Original Poster

think its the cheapest i have seen standard xbox version
Edited by: "davver99" 20th Jan 2011

Heat added ,good find.

Creeping down slowly

i dunno wether to buy this at this price will it go down any further? the unwritten law of ubisoft games being less then half price within the first 2 weeks has already been broken. it has a strong online and people seem to really like it but when will it reach £17.99
Edited by: "mozeley" 20th Jan 2011

have some heat great game

Awesome game. Absolutely love it. I've just bought the codex limited edition. This was the first Assassins Creed i'd played. Never dreamt about playing it until my son left his controller while nipping to the loo. Talk about being hooked. Just bought AC2 as well. Can't wait for that to come. i payed 27.99 in Toys R Us for this edition last week in November for his birthday.

Awesome game, like the poster above, had never played the others. Had it at Christmas and has been pretty much the only game I have played since!


getting there. Last one took until March to reach £17.99 so I can wait it out as have other games to get through.

Hated AC1, Part way through AC2 now and love it.

Will get this when I finish AC2 and hopefully will have came down in price by then

Huh, I preordered this and got it for £26 originally. Weird that the prices are so high.

Also available in store at GAME at this price. :-)

got it cheaper,when it came out.£27.99 cold for me.

Will wait until ~£10 for this as well. Playing through AC2 at the minute, but think it will take me a while
Edited by: "DragonChris" 20th Jan 2011

Yeah the price for this is sticking well, most highstreet stores sell this for £37+, I know because I went all over the place refusing to pay above £30. This looks like a purchase to me, I i get outbid on this on ebay.



got it cheaper,when it came out.£27.99 cold for me.

idiot alert!

I got it for £27.99 on November 21st my sons birthday at Toys r us.

This IS a good price as I paid 36 quid from shopto for it as that was the cheapest around post-Christmas. The single player is solid, but the multiplayer is where it's at. I'm level 44, if I didn't have my exams I'd be level 50 by now its so addictive!

Highly recommend this game to people who enjoy multiplayer games.

Fantastic game, best of the series so far. Good deal too!

How i this so hot?
Its 29.99 which is normal for a relatively new game.


How i this so hot?Its 29.99 which is normal for a relatively new game.

This was £40 for ages.



This was £40 for ages.

but its £27.99 now at GAME for the SE version (PS3)

I bought it fron cex by trading some other stuff in, but then bought the ps3 deal from amazon which included a game for £15, choice was assassins creed brotherhood or need for speed hot pursuit,(which i'd just bought from here for £17.99 brand new from demon game) so i added brotherhood as it you got back more for trading, an now you can trade it back on amazon, they were offering £26.24 with free postage to send it to them.£234.99 for ps3 160gb,assassins creed brotherhood, triggers an hdmi cable, trade game -£26.24= £ 208.75 for ps3 ,cable an triggers an nectar points. The trade in gives you a amazon gift voucher, which is £1.76 less than trading at cex but you can buy anything with the voucher from amazon.

great find , preowned £35, well done
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