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Posted 29 December 2022

Assassin's Creed Chronicles for free @ Epic Games Tunisia

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

To access the deal complete the following steps:

1. Create an account in eligible countries:

Create an account in Bulgaria / Romania / Morocco or Tunisia ( Romania has been tested ), you do not need a VPN for this, just select one of the countries. Use an previously unused Epic email address. Do not change your existing ( account, this may lead to ) bans.

2. confirm your account ( using the code in the email address )

3. Download the game for free to your created account

4. Play games using this account at any time.

Epic Games More details at Epic Games

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    Showing not free £6.29
    Description states you need to create an account in another country. I think it's too much effort for this game.
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    Creating an account and having to log out and in just to play it? More hassle then it’s worth.

    That’s even if the deal exists, which apparently it doesn’t. Cold.
    i just did it and it does exist but i just realised ive got it in my ubisoft library anyway
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    Excellent, for Tunisians.
  4. Avatar
    Still showing £6.29?
  5. Avatar
    £6.29 not free.
    Being able to read is free though, try it with the deal description
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    could've sworn i already claimed this before and it was with Ubisoft.
    if you're a constant free game horder, check your ubisoft library to see if youve already got it to avoid the hastle of a new Tunisian registration etc
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    It's not free what a joke
    Golden rule - read the deal description
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    This is hot deals UK.

    Not Romania, Morocco or Tunisia
    Actually, it’s hot UK deals, if you’re going to be a moaning cheb at least try be accurate. 
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    The games not even worth free, epic should pay us too download this one
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  11. Avatar
    All this for a bit of free tat
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    Tried with a new account in Morocco, still doesn't work
    You have to move there