Assassin's Creed II GAME Exclusive White Edition XBOX 360 £29.98 DELIVERED AT GAME AND QUIDCO + REWARD POINTS
Assassin's Creed II GAME Exclusive White Edition XBOX 360 £29.98 DELIVERED AT GAME AND QUIDCO + REWARD POINTS

Assassin's Creed II GAME Exclusive White Edition XBOX 360 £29.98 DELIVERED AT GAME AND QUIDCO + REWARD POINTS

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First post so be nice :).

Don't forget Quidco (6% cashback) !
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Assassins Creed II GAME Exclusive White Edition contains:
1 Exclusive in game bonus quest - Enter the quest to Discover a mysterious and unique artefact in one of the most secretive and underground monuments of the renaissance
Collectable figurine -of Ezio Auditore Di Firenz the Assassin of Assassins Creed II
Truth is Written in Blood
Ezio Auditore da Firenze is young Italian nobleman. He's a free spirit, impressing every one and never shying away from the ladies. But his life is changed when his family is betrayed and he swears vengeance on those who have wronged him. Donning the now infamous hood, Ezio starts to learn the way of the Assassin.
Ezio's story of family is consumed by vengeance and conspiracy in Assassins Creed II as you scale the heights of the beautiful, yet brutal, Renaissance Italy.
Building on the original, Assassins Creed II will see you taking on smarter guards with better weapons in busier streets where you must use everything at your disposal to defeat your enemies.
With new weapons such as the concealed gun and new sword types, you have so many different ways to incapacitate your enemies, but be warned, your enemies also have a few tricks up there sleeves too!
Ezio the Assassin - A new assassin for a new generation. Use the money that you earn in game to invest in better weapons and clothes to protect yourself.
Renaissance Italy - As you leap from roof to roof, you will see the Beauty of XVth Century Renaissance Italy. but below the the rooftops is a dark underworld of corruption, greed and Murder that you must penetrate to have your revenge.
Flight of Freedom - Perform the missions that you want when you want. Assassins Creed II is an open world experience for you to take on as you see fit. Not only can you free run to your next destination, but you can also swim and should the occasion call for it fly.
Hiding in plain sight - Use the crowds as your disguise to get to your target. hire people on the street to cause a distraction or just bolster your own pocket by stealing from the crowd, just make sure there are no witnesses as they will alert nearby guards.
From apprentice to master - Go from an unskilled noble man to a master assassin who can slip in to any crowd and take out any target with ease. All it takes is practise, whether the participants are willing or not!


Cant understand the cold votes ... seems like a good price for this. Unfortunately i think the black edition figure looks so much better ( youtube.com/wat…ted ) ... but the price of that is far too expensive. :w00t:

This was £25 last week (but that was on PS3). This is the cheapest the XBox version has been,

Great Find! Thanks!

Brilliant price, wished I waited now.

Great price, good find, heat added.

Nice one!

I purchased the PS3 version a week or so ago. Hated the first game but I quite like this one, still don't think that they have the climbing mechanics quite right though.
The statue is also pretty good, impressed with the quality.

All in all, a good game for a good price.

Good price.

I bought the PS3 version when it was listed earlier, which is the first game I've really noticed screen tear on :x

Currently £23.98 from both gamestation and gameplay for the standard version. Guess this price is fine if you want the figure and exclusive DLC. Not bothered myself. Voted lukewarm.

Ordered thanks op have some heat
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