Assassins Creed II (Instore) £9.99 @ GAME PS3
Assassins Creed II (Instore) £9.99 @ GAME PS3

Assassins Creed II (Instore) £9.99 @ GAME PS3

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Thought Id let you lot know I picked Assassins Creed II up today for £9.99 in Game. Pretty good price.....



New? Preowned? manager's special? Which store? etc.

Cheers for heads up btw, just curious if i stand any chance at getting this deal myself

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New... found at Broughton Shopping Centre, Chester today :-D

581d, no one like a smart arse....


It is a fair point Dusty
Which format? PC?
Edit the title with a bit more info


Took a while, its late, but made me LOL!!! :-D

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PS3...anything else I missed....?



PS3...anything else I missed....?

Nah, should start heating up a bit now :thumbsup:

Just out of curiousity, does your receipt or box show anything that might indicate this is a store specific reduction, or? cheers

Also picked this up for the 360 yesterday in Luton for the same price. Mine was preowned though.

It's £29.99 brand new and £9.98 pre-owned. I saw it this morning in Game, I also called another branch and they confirmed the same.

why expired? just change title to pre owned|?

Its £34.99 new in Dundee store and only have Ass Creed 1 in the pre-owned section for £9.99

sad to see a good game have no value.

Hot from me, priced at £17-99 but scanned at £9-99.

Why is it expired?

saw it in game for £9.99

It was preowned though

This should not be expired - just change the title to pre-owned.

heat added, i can confirm the price picked up from glasgow st enoch centre for 360 £9.99 pre-owned. ps3 was £17.99 pre-owned but went to the buchanan galleries branch and they had both ps3 and xbox 360 pre-owned for £9.99. good deal.

just noticed couldn't add heat due to the expiration, should be unexpired.

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My copy was shrink wrapped disk already in case, doesn't say nowt about being pre-owned on til receipt?

Maybe I was just lucky?
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