Assassins creed PS3 - £12.99 £1 delivery at gamestation (preowned)
Assassins creed PS3 - £12.99   £1 delivery at gamestation  (preowned)

Assassins creed PS3 - £12.99 £1 delivery at gamestation (preowned)

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Description from gamestation

The game centres around Altair, an assassin (in case you hadn't worked that one out) in the 13th Century Middle East who, along with his fellow assassins, is trying to end the Crusades by suppressing both sides. The action is spread across three medieval cities where Altair must climb, jump and ultimately kill his way through missions against the backdrop of a stunningly animated and rendered ancient metropolis.

Judging from early peeks, the beauty of this game really is in the details. The cities allow absolute freedom of movement in the mode of GTA, with careful attention given to the tiniest of details to produce some of the most realistic graphics ever seen. The movement and look of each character (and when we say character, we mean person to appear on screen) has been carefully modelled to emulate real human motion, with the AI prompting them to constantly react to you in a realistic way. As you move through crowds, you have to be careful not to draw attention to yourself, as anything untoward can bring the guards down on you in a heartbeat. That's not to say, however, that this is strictly a stealth game. If you fancy your chances at fighting your way through a posse of bodyguards to your target, you can. Just don't be surprised if a couple of well-placed blows brings you down.

This is looking like the start of a huge new franchise, with a seam of intrigue threading its way through each game. Keep your eye on this. Seriously.


great price but terrible game

Great price and great game

Well worth it! Nice spot OP.

just saw this game for £14.99 preowned instore, if you don't mind the extra £1 so you don't have to wait.

Good price, repetitive game that could and should of been so much better.....

thanks - been waiting to get this at a good price - got free delivery too


great price but terrible game

I think it's a great game :?

Nice find andy, left rep

can probably get repetitive but a great game overall, well worth the price

would not buy a new game from gamestation (online) let alone a preowned one!!
ordered pro evo 4 they sent me 3 in total, first one had a tea cup stain/mark on manual and case was all mucky.
2nd one the disc was scratched to hell!
and finally the third was new!!! i purchased the game new yet they kept sending me what were obviously preowned.
poor service, instore they are great but online they were terrible to me

Really good price. Heated.

this game seriously is complete rubbish. a very monotonous game, it looks lovely on the eyes but its pretty much the first level repeated every time.........


To me, this game was abit of a let down. As said, its looks great but the gameplay gets boring rather quickly!

Lots of people are saying that it is repetitive. Surely, most games are. Run a bit, shoot a bit, repeat. (Applies to 1st/3rd person shooting games and sports titles) The 2 best games this year are clearly GTA4 & MGS4. Both of these games are similar repetitive assassination style titles, but in different game environments.

good price and good game :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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