Assassin's Creed | PS3 | £8.99 |

Assassin's Creed | PS3 | £8.99 |

Found 11th Aug 2009Made hot 12th Aug 2009
Free UK delivery. 5% RAC discount & Quidco cashback makes it nearly only £8.

Enjoy ;-)


I have never got into this game, i just cant be bothered putting it in the ps3 to play, lol!

Isn't this already posted??

This game is not worth 8.99, bought it when it was 9.99 but its too boring to play.

Good visuals, but not a good game!

REpetitive gameplay

ALL games are repetative!

If you like mission based, open world, stealth games, you should like Assassins Creed.


ALL games are repetative!

Not as repetitive as this!!!!

u fools! what game isnt repetitive?! brushing your teeth is repetitive but you still do it! people like you should never be into gaming as thats what its about. notice the name..."assassins" creed?! doesnt take a flipping genius to work that out does it? oh but u prefer driving games! haha
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