Assassin's Creed Rogue PC DVD from £4.48 delivered Prime (or plus £1.99) @

Assassin's Creed Rogue PC DVD from £4.48 delivered Prime (or plus £1.99) @

Found 5th Oct 2016Made hot 6th Oct 2016
Assassin's Creed Rogue PC DVD seems like a good price even compared to digital downloads. Ubisoft's Uplay free client required for product code activation.

£20 spend required for free delivery or prime trial sign up or existing membership for free delivery.


So much for me not buying any more games X)

Great game for the money, the graphics hold up well by today's standards,

Cheers, another one to add to the pile

£6.09 here... With prime.
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I was interested in this at the time but now I feel "that ship has sailed"

I wish we'd got this on consoles instead of either creed 3, unity or syndicate lol

All gone before I could check out

I cannot remember if this one is already in the pile. I know I have a few AC games to do in there. Better hold off.
Good price. Heat added

Got this on 360 but not opened it yet, waiting for it to go BC

Shows £8.67 for me

Nice find OP , shame price has changed, as would have been on this ...


24fps is the most cinematic
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Got this at OpiumPulses a few weeks back for £3.00 might be worth checking to see if it is still discounted.

Someone expire this

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Can someone please expire this deal, I clicked expire days a go and its still live?
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