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Assassin's Creed Shadows With FREE Steelbook (PS5/Xbox Series X) - Pre-order

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xbox: thegamecollection.net/ass…-x?

get a free steelbook when you preoder the game for ps5 and xbox
The Game Collection More details at
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    Do yourselves a favour and steer clear. Ubisoft are going all in with their terrible practices. Always online, battle passes (in a single player game) and you can't install the whole game from disc without being online.
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    Bought it.
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    Always preorder if you want to pay barely anything to game
  3. Gretel12's avatar
    It also has £10 in reward points.
  4. James's avatar
    16/05 edit: twitter.com/ass…951

    They've just clarified that it doesn't require a persistent internet connection to play!


    Worth bearing in mind this game is online only, and requires a download even with the disc, so when the servers are shut down your disc will become a coaster. (edited)
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    They've just clarified that it doesn't require a persistent internet connection to play:

  5. Oxide2k's avatar
    I'll wait a few years until it costs next to nothing and then buy it for the history mode / open world. Lol
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    Or buy it, play it and sell it along with the steelbook and it costs next to nothing but not waiting years….
  6. Sonofclara's avatar
    You never mentioned the £10 in reward points too op (£11.42 to be precise) heat anyhow for anything AC and steel book
  7. siwrath's avatar
    Just watched the trailer, Assassins Creed Mulan looks decent
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    Assassins Creed Emperor's New Groove looks even better!
  8. s_4_j_1_d's avatar
    Thanks ordered with the newsletter code and some points from before got it for just under 50 - result
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