assassins Creed unity xbox one £1.99 @ CD Keys

assassins Creed unity xbox one £1.99 @ CD Keys

Found 12th Sep 2016Made hot 8th Oct 2016
just seen this for £1.99 digital download on cdkeys


A decent price but not as good as it was a few days ago:…589

Good game at a bargain price. They eventually fixed everything that was broken, so no worries on that front.

£1.89 with the 5% Facebook code

£1.30 a few days ago at CDKeys - Got it for my XboxOne using lodger.

Heat! Got it for a quid 50 last week, but still an awesome game!!!!!

I've not played any Assassin's creed before. Can I ask what's the difference between this and the one currently free on xbox one? Thanks...

Think the free one is a chronicles game. They're a much smaller, basic game afaik. I haven't played unity but black flag was very good.... That used to be crazy cheap on cdkeys but not sure what you can get it for now.

Got this for the wife. Can't complain for under £2. AC China is coming to games with gold soon as well so will snap that one up as well.

great price, heat added.

thx mate cheers

nice find
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