Assassin's Creed Xbox 360 £8.93 @ The Hut + Quidco

Assassin's Creed Xbox 360 £8.93 @ The Hut + Quidco


I've been in 2 minds whether to buy this... my local gamestation had it in for £6.99, but have now sold out...

Its either this or mirrors edge... both going for around the £8 mark...

It's definitely a good game although a bit repetitive after a while, a good game none-the-less. The second game coming out in November is meant to deal with the faults of the first of getting repetitive and is looking gorgeous if you see it online and is worth picking up when that comes out so this would help you understand the story if you were to carry it on.

Anyway good price, buy it for that, get £8 exchange from CEX when finished, use the exchange to get Mirror's Edge which I've not played but want to pick up when I see it for cheap also. Sorted.
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