Assetto Corsa PS4 Season Pass £15.99 @ PSN

Assetto Corsa PS4 Season Pass £15.99 @ PSN

Found 7th Nov 2017
The Assetto Corsa Season Pass has dropped from £24.99 to £15.99 on PSN, although it doesn't show as a discounted price. There's no extra discount for PS+ members.

If you love Assetto Corsa - which itself is discounted to £12.49 at the moment, if you have PS+ - then you may wish to expand the game with the Season Pass.

Because life would be too simple otherwise, the Season Pass doesn't actually include all the DLC available for the game, but does work out at good value against buying the included packs separately.

From a little research, here's what is included in the Season Pass:

- The Japanese Pack (£3.99)
- The Red Pack, inc. Red Bull Ring circuit (£7.99)
- Porsche Pack 1(£5.79)
- Porsche Pack 2(£5.79)
- Porsche Pack 3 (£5.79)

So you're getting the Japanese Pack and the Red Pack for "free", if you were going to buy the Porsche packs separately.

And here's what doesn't seem to be included:

- Ready to Race (£6.49)
- Ferrari 70th Anniversary (£5.79)
- Performance / Prestige Packs

You might have the Performance or Prestige packs already, depending on which version of the game you own.

To be fair, the developer makes it pretty clear what is included in the Season Pass, but I thought I would add this last part in case anyone felt cheated that there were other DLC packs available that would need to be bought separately.
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Reasonable price, I suppose, for what you get. However this has been £11.99 on PSN in the past.

Also the season pass is currently more expensive than the actual game. Just picked it up myself for £12.49.
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