Assorted Poké Balls | Around £1 Each @ Gearbest

Assorted Poké Balls | Around £1 Each @ Gearbest

Found 4th Jul 2017
Gotta catch em all!
Spotted this when i was browsing today, Not a massive "deal" but cool nonetheless. All types of Pokeball are around £1 - £1.50, so if you have kids interested in it or even as cosplay or decorative items, it seems fair.
(From china warehouse)
Poke ball:…tml
Master ball:…tml
Great ball:…tml
Quick ball:…tml
GS ball:…tml
Love ball:…tml
Ultra ball:…tml
Park ball:…tml
E timer ball:…tml
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Ordered one before, it didn't turn up. Ordered something else, that didn't turn up either. Gearbest just blame the post office. Strange how I get all deliveries from around the world with other shops. I've given up on Gearbest.
Got one of these in a bundle box once. They are not great.
hmmm...plastic tat.
I ordered one. Very cheap feeling
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