assorted silicone cookwares at poundland

assorted silicone cookwares at poundland

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only showing cup cakes on the website but in my local store (leeds) they have a few different type trays etc


Do you need cupcake cases with these still?

I read a mum saying she'd bought the little silicon ones for her kids play kitchen

These are quite small arent they - not the muffin sized ones? As they only had the small ones at my local branch

I use these for icecubes (or to be more accurate cupcaked-shaped ice thingies).

Great idea which I intend to patent. Just need to work on the name

these would certainly stop my kids chewing the cases after eating the buns lol

In answer to gratts question- no you don't. These are the cases and so need washing after. I thought I would find it a faff when I bought proper size ones form home bargains a couple of years ago, but they wash so easy. They have saved a fortune in cake cases. The poundland ones are very small though.I would recommend better larger ones. Worth it if you have hoards of kids and are always making cakes. The larger ones I use sit better in a muffin rather than cake tin, but are normal sized.

Cheers Dee

I got some small ones and a packet of normal cake case size ones too in the torquay store,they're great the cakes just pop out!! no sticking which is good for me!

I got a loaf tin size one just before Christmas in my local poundland (MK) and use it when I make banana bread, it doesn't need greasy and a quick rinse and it's clean again. So much easier than having to grease, line and then scrub a regular metal cake time.
I also have 12 cupcake cases and two victoria sponge size cases which I got from Lakeland.
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