Asterminer - Free on Google Play Store, down from £1.25

Asterminer - Free on Google Play Store, down from £1.25

Found 22nd Oct 2017Edited by:"vultura"
Not played this personally, but thought it might be something that some here might like.

Developers description -

Hover around exploring the asteroid mine, looking for crystals to gather.
Load the train to complete the level and open up new ones.
Solve musical puzzles to open gates or deploy bridges.
Find hidden beacons to increase your storing capacity, and find about the
story of the United Earth Mining Company to learn why gathering crystals
for them is so important.

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Thanks op
Simple and pretty although a bit boring to be honest.
Played the first couple of levels and "pick up 5 crystals, go back to the train to unload" and repeat 3 times. One "press the coloured tiles in the shown sequence" to open a door.

Did think it would be better if the train went through a door marked up with the next level and if the screen went black once your were fully in the tunnel and not half in.....nitpicking!
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