Aston Martin V8 Vantage £20k off!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage £20k off!

Found 21st Oct 2010
STON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE COUPE 2dr Sportshift [420]

Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price:£103,815

Our discounted price just: £83,815

This car is new and unregistered in Casino Royale with Lightweight Seats, Sportshift Gearbox, AM 700w Sound System, Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror, Piano Black Veneer, 19” 20 Spoke Diamond Turned Wheels, Silver Brake Calipers, Clear Rear Tail Lamps, Front Park Sensors, Front Stone Guards, Battery Conditioner, Alarm Upgrade, Navigation, Bluetooth Phone, Cruise Control.

Please note this must be paid for and registered by 29th October.
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Cheers just ordered! X)
Hot, was just going to buy it at £103,815 you saved me a fortune..!
ordered 10,hot from me.
ordered mine, my postie will be happy.
I phoned up and got the fluffy dice thrown in for free.....
+7% Quidco
damn, forgot about the quidco. Oh well, whats £6k here and there :-)
and only another £951 for twelve months road tax.
Just buy it and cancel. hopefully Quidco tra:pcks
Such a good saving like pocket money. Going to get them all, will be on ebay later
Damn. I,ve only just bought one and paid full price.
Oh well
"new and unregistered in Casino Royale"

Anyone used this site before.? Can`t find out much about them so far and don`t want to just buy this without any reviews.
This was in my plans had I won the Euro Millions lottery.

and only another £951 for twelve months road tax.

How punitive the government is. How can someone who pays 80 grand plus for a car possibly be able to afford £951 tax.

and only another £951 for twelve months road tax.

Don`t they throw in 6 months free and its an extra £951 to upgrade to 12 months ? So I make it £951 for 6 months road tax. Avin a larf !!!!

"new and unregistered in Casino Royale"Eh?

Its the colour its a grey was used on the car in the movie

I hope they give you a free tank of fuel with it
Edited by: "jordan210" 21st Oct 2010
What a spiffing saving! May be tempted to purchase one for daddies collection.
thanks, just traded my Lada in.
Pity you did not have two was after a pair !!
woohoo bought 2
@snudge33 - Did you get any Scrappage allowance on your lada?
Brilliant got the wheels last week for a steal!!
it getting delivered 2moro. thanks
Cold. This ones cheap because it has the 700w Sound System - the latest models have the 705w system - worth paying the extra £20k for I'm sure you'll agree.
with 113 million i can now buy lots of these lol cheers op
I'd be expecting free mats and flaps, I can tell you.
Damn only got 83k limit on my credit card so I'll have to pass
Excellent deal,was wondering how id begin to start splashing that £113 million i just collected from the Euro lottery.8)
Not even free p + p don't think I'll bother
I'm a newbie

how do you go about unbranding this, dont want Aston Martin all over it ?

Also can it be rooted and can you give me step by step in video on how to do this

a friend of mine rang up and managed to get it for £83,785
No use to me. You'd think at this price they could manage 4 seats.
Orded 1 for my cat...Slightly more expensive than the vauxhall corsa i was going to buy ... But ohh well. Still very cheap . HOT FROM ME
Bad deal, I can get a Chevvy for £8,000 that does the same thing :P
please stay away from unknown brand you could get a vauxhall for less

Anyone used this site before.? Can`t find out much about them so far and … Anyone used this site before.? Can`t find out much about them so far and don`t want to just buy this without any reviews.

Yes, I bought my new car from them (not an Aston!). Excellent price and car was delivered to my door in perfect condition from a main dealer. I think their methods for getting these prices may be a bit suspect, but I guess that's their concern, not ours.
This car is rubbish, handles badly and poor build quality. Getting a Kia Reed, or is it Ceed, or Peed? What ever its called its a far better car.
I would not even buy it if they sold it for £20,000 and took away £83,815.00
great deal. add this discount code "b@11s" to knock off another £20,000
All of the dole scrounging chavs round our way drive these.
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