Astonish Anti Bacterial Spray (750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00 @ Ocado

Astonish Anti Bacterial Spray (750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00 @ Ocado

Found 17th Aug 2017
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Astonish Anti Bacterial Spray (750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00

Kills 99.9% of bacteria, leaving surfaces hygienically clean, Effective

against e-coli, salmonella & listeria, With no bleach, no taint or

no odour, ideal for use on food preparation areas, Ideal for use in

fridges, on high chairs, bins and toilets, Complies with EN13697:2001

standard for chemical disinfection

Astonish Bathroom Cleaner

(750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00

Tough on soup scum, watermarks & limescale, Leaves a streak free shine

Astonish Kitchen Cleaner (750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00

Cuts through grease & grime, With a zesty lemon scent

Astonish Window Cleaner (750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00

Removes grease, dirt & finger prints, With Vinegar for a crystal clear streak-free shine

Astonish Shower Self Clean Spray(750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00

Spray & leave, no scrubbing required, Prevents build-up of watermarks & limescale, Leaves a sparkling shine

Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover(750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00

Dissolves limescale without the need for scrubbing, Simply spray, leave

and wipe clean, Used regularly to help eliminate limescale completely,

Ideal for problem areas in the bathroom & kitchen including taps,

shower heads and sinks, Suitable for hard water areas

Astonish Stain Remover Target Spray(750ml) was £1.35 now £1.00

Tough on stains, gentle on fabrics, Penetrates deep into fibres to break

down stains, Use for instant spot stain removal or as a pre treater

prior to washing, Suitable for whites or colours

Astonish Mango & Freesia / Aloe & Waterlilly / Lemon & Ginger Anti Bacterial Washing Up Liquid

(600ml) ONLY £1.00

Astonish wash up has an antibacterial action to control the spread of

bacteria on your sponge or cloth and a powerful grease cutting action to

leave your glassware and dishes sparklingly clean. With the essence of

mango and freesia washup makes easy work of the washing up. The unique

top down bottles also ensures you get every last drop of liquid easily

and with no mess.

Amazon want £3.49…new
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lots of astonish products in poundland, including the product mentioned.All £1…0ml
The kitchen cleaner has been 40p on and off all week at amazon i have 5 bottles here.
The product that is 40p at Amazon every other day is NOT the same product. I wish it were.
75p in home bargins
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