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Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster 750ml 49p @ Aldi Wolverhampton

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Reduced in Aldi to 49p

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    Great item this!

    Little tip for black spots on grout, spray the area lightly with this, then lightly apply it to tissue too and then apply the tissue to the black spots. Leave it a few hours or overnight if possible, just remove the tissue and the black spots will be gone.

    Also, I’ve found the Astonish doesn’t leave the stains on the grout that bleach does. Bleach is great for the above but if used over time it creates a yellowish stain. (edited)
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    Good stuff this
    Agreed, by far the best mould spray I’ve ever used! Also it really is true - use it regularly and the mould doesn’t appear to return!
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    Its become rubbish lately. The vegetarian one's are utterly useless. Mould comes back in few days. Old, blue bottle was better. Added some thick bleach to it, now works better.
    Put some beef dripping in it, that'll fix it
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    Dodgy spray gun though. Leak's all over hand.
    Easy....either wear rubber gloves or decant the contents in to an old spray bottle like a kitchen cleaner spray bottle etc.
    It's less than 50p! For the price just work around the problem.
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    I don't understand why all local councils don't stock up on these and use it on all council houses. It would certainly save innocent lives.
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    With the gas prices government should provide this for every household....
    We don't usually have any mould, but my frugal approach to the heating is meaning we are getting small amounts in the bathroom. Mostly on the inside of the outside wall from condensation. I am trying to dry the bathroom after showers, but its amazing how damp the room feels when you don't heat it as we normally would, even the towels don't dry as quickly. This energy crisis must be seriously affecting a lot of peoples health in a long term manner.
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    I thought 99p was a brilliant price for this stuff. Amazing
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    95p in Wilko
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    As said on a previous post it is brilliant for mouldy net curtains.
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    Can you use this on timber, chipboard etc (edited)
    As long as it's sealed
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    Fab price,, has gone up to £1..25 in Asda. Use all the time.
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    Fantastic find!!!! Which Wolverhampton Aldi please?
    Broad Gauge Way
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    Best stuff I've used
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    This really is a great product
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    Worked brilliantly for me on some shower sealant that had black mould on it.