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ASTRO A50 Charging Base Station for Xbox One £44.99 at Currys PC World
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ASTRO A50 Charging Base Station for Xbox One £44.99 at Currys PC World

£44.99£89.9950%Currys PC World Deals
Posted 27th Nov 2019

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great addition if you want to easily swap between consoles and / or your PC

This is in line with CEX 2nd hand prices but brand new and unscratched
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I wondered what it was just for headphones right? So have some heat cos the deal is cheap

but to me it’s way overpriced for what it is
So can I just dock my PS4 Astro A40s in this and it'll work with my Xbox One?
Just in case people don’t know you can use the Xbox base station (this one) for both Xbox and PS4 and you’ll get audio and chat on both but the PS4 base station only gives you chat on PS4
OnetimePadwah27/11/2019 21:46

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I’m just speaking from experience as I’ve used both myself and that is what I found - I’ve used the Xbox base station for both chat and audio on both consoles - it’s seems the Xbox base station works with both while the PS4 doesn’t - you’ll still get audio but no chat on Xbox.
OnetimePadwah27/11/2019 21:44

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Haha that's right! That's what I got and completely forgot about. So will it work like that? Let's say I'm all having fun on PC on my PS4/ pc A50s and then I'm like "OH BOY I WANNA XBOX NOW" if I dock the head set in the Xbox one connected to Xbone will it just recognise that I now want to use it with the Xbox?
Edited by: "Lukus" 27th Nov 2019
So I own the Astro A50’s for Xbox but if I’m reading this correctly for the PS4 base station (same price) then I can use my current A50’s on PS4 as on Xbox?....

Cross-platform pairing

You may need another console to play exclusive games, but you certainly don't need a separate headset. With the Astro A50 Base Station for PS4, you're able to use your headset across more than one console. Charge your Xbox One A50 headset with your PS4 Base Station and you'll be able to connect your headset with your PlayStation. It's the most efficient way to enjoy in-depth immersive sound across more than one platform.

Gonna have to go googling I think :/
Edited by: "Matranti" 27th Nov 2019
I got excited. I thought this was the A50 with headphones.
I've been waiting for the new one. I have the old A50 for xbox. Amazing headphones but they have battery issues and I have to wait until they discharge to work correctly.

Hopefully they go on offer as I want 2 pairs.
OnetimePadwah01/12/2019 12:36

Comment deleted

I'm not sure what edition but these are them
I have read its a common issue. Sad as they are amazing.

I want 2 as I need a pair for myself and girlfriend for movies as neighbours hate my surround sound at night and tbh these sound better than any surround sound I've heard... Just less social.
I found this old post for just the headset. It's no longer on argos but shows they do sell just the headsets
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