AstroBurn Burning Software (Like Nero)

AstroBurn Burning Software (Like Nero)

Found 25th Jun 2010
Handy tool for burning and mastering CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. Perform burning, copying, erasing operations with all types of optical storage media.

Easily grab original discs to create image files and save them on your hard drive or compile disc images with data or audio projects. Create CDs and DVDs with just a few mouse clicks. Its easy to learn and to use.


What about ]CDBurnerXP or ]IMGBurn

They are also free and good, I have used them for years with no issues.


Why all the negative?

It's free software FFS!!

Hot from me:thumbsup:

Hot from me too.

The problem with GAOFD site is that you can only activate it on the day, so as good as it may be then if you need to reinstall then your stuffed, especially that there are totally free alternatives where thats not an issue
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