Astrolabe 3D App Launcher Free Download was £4.99 Google Play Store

Astrolabe 3D App Launcher Free Download was £4.99 Google Play Store

Found 15th Dec 2017
Please watch the video...

This 3D application launcher replaces the 2D Android launcher (the screen where you place the icons of your favorite applications) by a spherical desktop.

Caution: after installation you must touch the "Home" button that usually brings back the screen of your icons. READ BELOW !

Astrolabe, as its name suggests, is also showing you the current position of the earth in its yearly revolution around the sun, and its daily whirling around its rotation axis. The axial tilt of 23.4 degrees gives a clear view of why a day is an equinox or a solstice, as well as why it's summer or winter time.

You can also see the moon's position and rotation in its lunar-month cycle around the earth, as well as its phase (crescent, gibbous, waxing, or waning, as seen in the video). Not represented (yet) is the 6 degrees angle between the moon's orbital plane around the earth, and the earth's orbital plane around the sun.

After installation: touching the "Home" button will let you select a launcher.
Do not validate too soon the checkbox "Use by default". This will let you switch one launcher for the other by pressing the "Home" button, until the new 3D interface is populated.

For more on Astrolabe, visit…htm

Hmmmmmm Mixed thoughts on this App if you know how to use it Community members are saying in the reviews. Hope someone enjoys it ?
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I am confused already? Is it cigar shaped?
Reviews say it can be a chew on and cause problems?
What a dumb idea for a launcher
Looked at the video for it... very clever but it doesn't grab me - and its gotta be heavy on resources.
Do I snatch it anyway just in case .... no
Tbh i half read your post and hen thought how much unnecessary processing is this using?

Thats the problem with computers the better they get the more unnecessary faff they get killed with to murder the enhancements so they don't seem as fast as they should be
£4.99 again
£4.99 again, expired but it looks interesting.
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