ASUS 24 Inch Widescreen Full HD LCD Monitor VH246H £174.99 @ Boffer
ASUS 24 Inch Widescreen Full HD LCD Monitor VH246H £174.99 @ Boffer

ASUS 24 Inch Widescreen Full HD LCD Monitor VH246H £174.99 @ Boffer

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Good price - £211 Amazon, £215 SVP, £208 AVIDES,

Hi, I’m Will and I really like monitors. Big, small, wide, tall, LCD, HD you name it I like it. I was asked by Boffer to write today’s description about this ASUS 24 inch widescreen full HD LCD monitor.

Where to begin? The viewable area is a rather respectable 24 inches and provides 1920x1080p full HD resolution. 1080p is the shorthand identification for a set of HDTV video modes which are characterised by 1,080 lines of vertical resolution (1,080 horizontal scan lines) and progressive scan (meaning the image is not interlaced). The term usually assumes a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, implying a horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels. This resolution is similar to that of 2K digital cinema technology. The frame rate can be either implied by the context or specified after the letter `p`, such as 1080p30, meaning 30 progressive frames per second.

But to be honest all that is meaningless. What it really means is if you like watching rude things on your PC, this monitor will make is 10x better and twice as big (you’ve been warned!). If you like playing the Sims then you might as well pack your bags, leave your family and join your virtual one with this ASUS.

This monitor is so extreme it was banned in 11 countries because the brightness sent people into an intoxicated state.

Not only do you get the monitor for the Boffer price but you get to add the letters ASUS after your name. We can even give you a little certificate if you want.

Signed, William Henry Parker ASUS, BA Hons, PhD

plus £2.99 delivery


http://www.urban75.net/ubb/icons/icon14.gif lol

As I posted on the Boffer thread, this is a rubbish price. Lots of 24" monitors with the same 1080p panel, 3 year warranty and HDMI connector for less than this. Nothing special about it at all, the fact its asus doesn't make it worth more.

This is just standard price. Not much of a deal. Click Here

"Signed, William Henry Parker ASUS, BA Hons, PhD"

I know that it's supposed to be a joke (despite the desperate lack of humour present in the text), but isn't it illegal to claim to have a PhD when you don't when using your real name? Even if it is a wind-up, a PhD means that you are allowed to be called a doctor in your specialized field- the fact that the reviewer missed out 'MA' and 'DPhil' suggests that he doesn't know what qualifications are needed to attain a PhD.

I think I'll pretend to be a lawyer and scare the cr*p out of him and Boffer... If he can get away with it, why can't I?

"but isn't it illegal to claim to have a PhD when you don't"

A slight titter went around the courtroom.

Not even a UK model, this is a Australian / American model... and as for boffers price comparison all they have compared it against is SVP and BigPockets... who are the only other 2 companies in the UK who stock this particular item...

And saying that Boffer, Bigpockets and SVP all use the same stock in the same warehouse in Edinburgh I would not trust their "cheapest price on the web" statement as far as I could throw it...

PS this monitor retails for £144 in Australia....

Just goes to show they can't really be trusted. Used to have some good bargains but these days its all mostly either junk that nobody wants or overpriced.
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