Asus B85M-G PLUS Micro ATX Motherboard £47.48 @ Scan

Asus B85M-G PLUS Micro ATX Motherboard £47.48 @ Scan

Found 18th Dec 2016Made hot 19th Dec 2016
My motherboard recently died so I needed a new one for a Haswell CPU in my Micro ATX case.

This seems like a good deal given it's from Asus and has both DVI, HDMI and 4 RAM slots.


Cheers OP, this the cheapest I've seen a B85 board and it even has a USB C port which makes it an even better steal!

very nice fan control on this board

I tried to create an account with scan, but it tells me there is an account registered for that name and address.
I could spend all of Christmas trying to guess what email account I used to set up that account.
Life's too short.

Short out that stupid system, Scan.

Good basic board. Cheap Hackintosh if you feel the need, also available on Ebay from Scan same price
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Ordered, thanks OP.

Fitted today to a new freenas build for plex, running perfectly, bios is really nice to use. Great quality mobo for the price.
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