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ASUS Detachable Chromebook CL3000 10.5" WUXGA Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop (MediaTek Kompanio 500, 4GB RAM, 128GB stylus £129.99 @ Amazon

£129.99£15918% off
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Screen size10.5 Inches
CPU modelOthers
RAM memory installed size4 GB
Operating SystemChrome OS
Special featureTouchscreen
Graphics card descriptionIntegrated
CPU speed2 GHzSee less
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    I'm a fan of chromebooks but I'd advise checking the AUE (Auto Update Expiry) before purchasing one otherwise you could be unlucky and find that Google stop supporting it after a few months. Some chromebooks typically on sale don't have long left till their 'end of life' and this kinda crucial info is conveniently hard to find or even left out of the retailers specs and description
    The CM3000DVA has AUE of June 2028. This being the CL3000DVA I imagine it's the same AUE
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    Looks nice but how does it perform with more than 3 tabs open at once?
    Absolutely fine, like any other Chromebook with the MT8183 and 4GB RAM (think Acer Spin 311, Lenovo Chromebook Duet etc).
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    Looks a great deal but I can't find the product or any reviews anywhere online for this?
    Thanks both! I think I found some reviews on US Amazon store.. a.co/d/8…twi
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    Ordered. Got additional £10 off using Mastercard above £20 deal.😄
    Thanks for that reminder that's pushed me to add this to my 2 other tablets and 2 chrome books!
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    knew this would happen.
    was looking for a new tablet/Chromebook for the wife's chrimbo pressie and went for the galaxy tab s6 because it was the only thing on offer at the time.
    blow me a week later this pops up....
    I think the s6 will be a better experience overall 😁
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    Is this any good for a secondary school student to do homework on?
    thats why I bought it, they use chromebooks at the school and google classroom, so this should be better than the they use in class
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    There is a slight diffrent between sold on argos, very etc. to these one on amazon:
    Cl & CM Version
    CL: Touch screen, 10.5-inch, WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10 144Hz, Wide view, Glossy display, LED Backlit, 320nits, sRGB 121%, Screen-to-body ratio:75 %, With stylus support
    CM: Touch screen, 10.5-inch, WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10, Wide view, Glossy display, LED Backlit, 320nits, sRGB 121%, Screen-to-body ratio:75 %, With stylus support
    So amazon ones looks like new version with extra 144Hz refresh rate if I'm not wrong.
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    This website will be the end of me
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    1080p screen as well. Seems a good device.
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    After something like this to use in the kitchen for recipes etc. Get rid of all the bits of paper, books we have in draws.
    Wonder if to wait till boxing day / jan sales....
    Be careful with that logic - unless the books you have are available online, you will end up;
    - keeping the books you have because of specific recipes
    - not being bothered to digitally catalogue all the bits of paper, thus still hang onto them (again for specific recipes)
    - tablet sits largely idle on the counter aside from when you are googling new recipes, which you likely did on your phone in the living room before deciding to actually get up to the kitchen (where the tablet is)

    It's a nice device and a good deal, it's just that tablets in the kitchen are just the next kitchen appliance that promises the world, gets used intensively for a month, then collects dust because the reality is more work and prep than desired! Admittedly in this case you still get left with a Chromebook tablet and not a toastie maker...
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    I really didn't want to like this one. And I'm hoping will be OOS in 5 min, otherwise I may make an unwise decision. Voted hot!
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    I was quite excited. But the performance of my mt8183 tablet is pretty poor. I have to say I cannot see this being much better.
    Yeah, from what I could find, this has the mt8183 too, and the benchmarks are worse than my 8-year-old Dell. So glad I have an excuse not to buy it now
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    48936830-qo2FF.jpgand still on this website looking for deals...
    Join the club mate…
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    Wondering whether this would be better than the Lidl's Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3 Chromebook 11" deal for the same price? Clueless about these things, getting it for 10 year old for some school work and Roblox
    Lidl deal likely gone by now as it was available 2 weeks ago, so you've probably got more chance of getting this deal.
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    Pretty sure this is the new model (listed on Amazon Nov 2022, plus it has 45w charging) so looks to be a misprice.

    Definitely worth a punt.

    Chromebooks are updated by Google for 8 years, so even if it was an older model, you'd still have at least 5 or 6 years of updates.
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    Well what da you know..added it to the basket, then watched this guy's review for the near identical CM3000 just to reassure myself, came back and... it's out of stock.
    Thank goodness, as I already have the very similar Chromebook Duet!

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    Great find, difficult to say no at this price
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    Ordered, don't need it, but if it arrives, I'll find a use for it! 🤪
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    I can't find a CL3000 on Asus website but there is a CM 3000

    Edit: found it. Looks like this is older model. See more details than on Amazon here on this link asus.com/uk/…00/ (edited)
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    Thanks op, surely a misprice?
    Looks like it to me, great value.
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    Confusingly Asus have a listing here which refers to a CM3 CL3000 asus.com/glo…ge/
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    Amazon are well known for screwing up their laptop listings. Could also be an import (another thing Amazon have form for), as CL3000DVA-HT0087 does come up on Google searches, only at a handful of retailers.


    Ordered of course. Could be a hell of a bargain. Not a fan of these, but will make a nice present. (edited)
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    This include the keypad as listing does not mention it but why have all the pics of the keyboard?
    Yes, it'd come with the detachable keyboard and the stylus.
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    Any good for roblox?
    Yeah why not

    48936249-341ey.jpg (edited)
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    Don't need it, don't need it...
    Do it…Do it…Do it Now
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    1.5kg is way too heavy for a tablet, especially one as basic as this. This almost weighs as much as some gaming laptops.
    It states 0.51 kg on the Asus website
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    i bought an asus and it broke after 15 months ,never again
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    Good price
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    Can anyone recommend a similarly priced windows tablet/detachable? (Needs to have stylus support and can be smaller)
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    It's a CM3 Cl3000 128gb version if you want to look it up on YT, reviews etc..
    Good for the price definitely.
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    Tempting - do I pay £55 for my son to get his 6 month old £100 Chromebook screen repaired or just get this with with a screen protector, good spec!
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    Hmm....I'm know nothing about chromebooks. Can I use apps from android play store on chromebook?
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    I was going to buy my kids a fire tablet 10 plus with a detachable keyboard for Christmas. Is this better? (edited)
    OS/security updates could be a major factor, this one is until 2028.
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    are these relatively slow?
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    According to the Asus website, the CM3, CL3 and CL3000 are all the same (they use it interchangeably). See website:

    I have ordered one thinking I can use the MS office android app, however that is no longer supported for Chrome OS, you can use the web version, but not ideal so now thinking I may cancel it.
    Do we know what the RRP is on this then, trying to decide whether this is a hot hot deal or not then!
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    Ordered - Waiting for it to be cancelled - It must be a misprice
    I Have the Duet 3 from Lenovo - Same processor I believe so it will be slowish but very usable
    My Duet is battered and bruised so this is a cheap replacement - If it arrives !!
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    I was planning on buying samsung s6 lite tablets for my kids but i'm tempted by these.

    How do they compare performance wise?