ASUS E200 Ha + OFFICE - £218 @ Currys

ASUS E200 Ha + OFFICE - £218 @ Currys

Found 16th Jun
Not a bad deal for a budget laptop, decent spec and reviews for 179.99 add office aswell for £218. Possible 2% quidco aswell


With only 32GB of storage does it even have space to install office? Plus that's only a year's subscription rather than a full version.

I'd spend the extra on a mainstream laptop and Office 2016. It'll cost you twice as much up front, but it'll be cheaper in the long run.

This is currently £169 from, complete with the year of Office.

I would not recommend this laptop, I have one with equivalent specs from Lenovo bought at £149.99 from Argos last year. For very basic needs like reading and writing emails and word documents it is fine (which is what I use it for) but it is very slow with even the simplest web browsing - it can only cope with 1 or 2 tabs open of Internet Explorer or Edge, don't even try Chrome lol.

2GB of RAM is a sticking point with today's bloated software. The screen is poor on this netbook with very shallow viewing angles.
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