Asus EEE 900

Asus EEE 900

Banned 11

I'd personally wait for the Atom version, plus dell plan to bring out a EEE killer very soon, I have the 701 4G and the battery life on it isnt great, I've heard the 900 series is worse on battery life, the atom might sort out this problem slightly.

This is the upcoming Dell one


And with MikeT on this forum he'll props find us a great deal.

The EEE 901 Atom 1.33Ghz can't playback video well apparently…45/


Atom 1.33Ghz can't playback video well apparently

Saw an early review showing it has god awful FPU performance, it was beaten soundly by a celeron with only a few watts extra power usage.

Atom overhyped? I think so

For the 900, decent CPU and you can upgrade the battery
For the 901, not-so-good CPU which you can't change.

If you're after an EEE for web browsing and emailing, the 901 will certainly fit the bill and provide you a longer uptime.
If you want to do all that and watch video, play some decent games, then I think the Celeron 900 is the one to go for.

MSI Wind is imminent too, early reviews look promising...…htm

Wait and see what's announced at Computex this week

That Dell looks nice though

I'm just waiting for the Dell, before i buy one of these tiny laptops.

Get a grip

Nobody said it was a bad price for the 900, however the 901 is due to be launched soon (and is likely to be a lot more expensive) however there will be quite a few more competitors in the coming months which may bring the prices down so to be honest now is not a good time to buy.

On the flip side, from early reviews of the Atom processor which the 901 will carry, there have been some less than favourable performance figures posted so the 900 at around this price looks to be a good price.

The Dell looks nice but I suspect it will come in at a price point close to the HP mini note.

Plus Asus have announced that they will be cutting the prices of the non Atom based EEE pcs so to not wait a week or so would be plain stupid.…ts/
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