Asus eee PC 4G currently in stock at Currys on line £219.99 free delivery -BE QUICK!!!!
Asus eee PC 4G currently in stock at Currys on line £219.99 free delivery -BE QUICK!!!!

Asus eee PC 4G currently in stock at Currys on line £219.99 free delivery -BE QUICK!!!!

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They are currently in very short supply (rumours of a fire at battery factory in China) but are available at Currys on line today - don't know how long for.

I managed to order one from them last week just an hour before they went out of stock. Brilliant little machine. NOTE This is the 4G model with webcam - not the 2G.
May be possible to go thru Quidco and there was a code for £7.40 off but I think it has now expired? Still an excellent price AND free delivery . Only seen them elsewhere at inflated prices (due to the shortage).


3.5 % quidco so thats another £7.70 off. good deal

If you try some pubs in Nottingham you'll probably get a white 2GB model that was nicked out of my car boot on Monday night in Gunthorpe.

also in dixons website as well but 4.99 p&p in stock, (black)
looking for a white one if anybody knows where these are in stock at the non inflated price

YAW744 5% discount code brings it down to 208.99 plus quidco of around £7 makes it only £202 delivered

shall i buy one or wait for the nine inch i missed the refurbised ones at £159 the other week, well i ordered a white one but they phoned to say they had non in stock DECIsions desiciions

Is it better to install win XP on this?


Is it better to install win XP on this?

Linux fans would say no but I created my own customised cut down "Tiny XP" and installed that instead because there are many Windows apps I have and wanted to use. Works great. Suits me 100%.

Fantastic - great price - amazing they are in stock - but won't be for long - heat and rep!


There is a great user forum where XP and linux are discussed


I use Linux with a few mods on mine and it's fine. No virus worries either. An XP version is due to be launched soon.

Thanks buddy

Got mine today!

Its fantastic considering that no shops have this in stock at the RRP!
The black looks so much better than the white version and has a textured surface (the white has a smooth finish). Can't believe the speed which Currys delivered this despite the Easter holiday break.

Thanks again for this post!!

Waiting for the 8.9" touchscreen version coming out soon. Maybe the April version, or the later Intel Atom version that may have GPS.

However the 7" version is still a very neat device.

Asus have warned that supply is unlikely to meet demand in the short term, partly because of a lack of batteries (Dell are in short supply too, so expect delays from lots of laptop manufacturers). Asus recon they currently have 3 times more demand than they can supply. Don't expect the newer version in UK until Summer either. There is also a desktop version (like a Mac mini) coming out this summer priced at about £100.

Back up at £249?
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