ASUS Eee PC 901 BK007X Netbook £249.95 @ AmazonUK - Windows XP Preloaded, 1GB RAM, 12GB SSD (Black)

ASUS Eee PC 901 BK007X Netbook £249.95 @ AmazonUK - Windows XP Preloaded, 1GB RAM, 12GB SSD (Black)

Found 8th Dec 2008
I posted the white version of this a while ago, but that's now gone up to £265.99 - amazon really do seem to change their prices on a daily basis with no discernible logic to it.

Anyway, this time it's the black version which is down to £249.99 - again the lowest price for this I've ever seen which includes free delivery to home - PC World sometimes matches it but you have to reserve to pick up in store which is going to cost you petrol, taxi or even bus fare!

Some people claimed that Tesco had it cheaper but I'm pretty sure that wasn't this version, which is the 901 with Windows XP.

So if you wanted the black version last time, here's your chance.

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Ooops, now £244.64 to collect in store at PC World, so possibly cheaper if you live close....
takes ya choice!

Whats the point? The Acer is a much better alternative with a bigger HD and £50 cheaper.

OR a massive £80 cheaper if you want the 8GB model - and putting aside about £15 for a 16GB SD card.

I got the eeePC 904 HD (white) 1GB & 80GB hard drive from Tesco last week for £219
(was £234, but used free delivery code & £9 off ecoupon, VAT back). got £5.97 Quidco and 229 clubcard points - isnt that a better deal??

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The point is this is the cheapest deal on this model. I wouldn't buy an Acer because of various quality issues I've read about on various forums, and I don't want a netbook with a regular hard drive because the point of them to me is that they be robust, so I don't want a 904HD. SD drives are smaller but with no moving parts they are much more robust and secure.

I thought the point of this site was to find the cheapest deal on a specific model, and these two deals are it. Obviously everyone has a different opinion on whether this is the best model, but I've decided the 901 is the model I want and others may do as well. If you want an 901, these are the best deals on them.

Telling me about deals on other netbooks could be helpful, but if I've decided this is the specific model I want, it doesn't make this a bad deal, does it?

The 901 is much better tha the 904HD as it uses the ATOM processor rather than the 904's underclocked Celeron...
As you see from above it's also a bit lighter and the SSD will reduce power usage so increase battery life, another benifit of the Atom also.
This is a great price, but as noed higher up if you can find one at PCWorld near you go there,

PS This machine is incomparable with the Acer, having seen both, this looks and feels like a real computer rather than a toy, sorry to upset Acer owners, but it's just true. If it's all about price though and you don't need bluetooth and you don't mind build quality, or if infact it is a toy for the kids then go for the Acer.

Agree with all of this - plus the battery life of the EEE is much better, I get 6 hrs + on battery on mine.

It's horses for courses - I love my EEE because it is small enough to fit in my bag and be carried around, & because the SSD makes it that more robust. For me, the bigger standard HDs have no appeal and anything bigger wouldn't fit in my bag as easily. I have a standard lappie, so don't need this to be all-singing, all-dancing. It does everything I need it to do whilst out & about or around the house.

901 is the best of the bunch just a shame it's not the Linux version.

When SSD's cost the same as HDD's, then I'll actually understand why people prefer them.

Until then, I really don't understand why you'd want to pay more for a laptop/netbook that has a SSD.

A standard hard drive is more than robust enough for any normal use. I've thrown many a laptop with hard drive into bags in the past, and never had one fail on me yet. Unless of course, you're a secret agent, that goes skiing with your netbook, and even then, the other components will probably break anyway.

And how significantly better will the battery life be with a SSD, over a HDD. A few minutes ?

I'd much rather take a HDD with decent capacity, over 'robustness'.

I went for…3ZU - very similar but 20GB SSD and linux. Unfortunately 2 days ago it was £237 but now up to £249.

I would have preferred a bigger HDD as not so bothered about the SSD, however settled for this in the end as I think for what I need this for 20GB is more than enough.. always can use externals and flash memory if need be!

The cheapest price I found for eee pc 901 with SSD and windows xp was £235 (with7day delivery option) at…htm
I did a little 'research' about some of the netbooks. I wanted a relatively cheap one with less than 1 kg weight. (what is the point in having a heavy one?).
Finally I shortlisted two: Acer aspire one and Eee PC 901. Both are intel atom processor based.
Acer looks better and weighs just 0.9 kg, has a better keyboard and is among the cheapest (£170). But the main disadvantage is the short battery life (2 hours).
The eee pc 901 on the other hand is slightly heavier (1.1 kg) but has battery life of 6 hours. It has double the RAM (1 GB) and much more bigger SSD( 12 GB or 20 GB ), built in bluetooth and wireless N. It comes with either XP or linux. So it has everything I needed, though slighly more heavy than what I wanted. But I am yet to find a lighter netbook with all these features. Finally I ordered one and am awaiting the delivery.

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901 is the best of the bunch just a shame it's not the Linux version.

Oh, the black Linux version is 10p cheaper with a bigger SD (20Gb), I just didn't think to list it!…1-1

I am disappointed in the reaction to this post. Obviously everyone has the right to their opinion, but I thought you were supposed to rate the deal itself rather than the actual product.

For the various reasons outlined above, some people prefer the 901 over any other netbook - myself includes after many, many hours of research I've concluded the 901 is the best netbook FOR ME - I'm not criticising anyone who finds the 904HD, Acer or anything else more suitable for their needs, so I don't really enjoy being told I'm making the wrong decision when I say the 901 is best for my needs - it IS best for my needs!

The last time I posted this it went over 90 degrees before I expired it myself. Please rate the deal on the basis of if someone wanted that actual product, whether or not you would buy it yourself, if this is the best deal available on that product or not!

I've rated plenty of products as hot I'd never dream of buying for myself because they were clearly the best deal if you wanted to buy that particular product. I thought that was the whole point of this site!

You have my sympathy. I think you're right and this is a good deal and thanks for posting, but the one thing I've learned here is that the temperature doesn't have that much to do with how good the deal is.

Voted hot; one solitary degree from me!

I have played with the Acer and the Asus, the Asus is by far the better build quality, feels more solid etc... would definitely buy the Asus over the Acer, agree with the SSD costs post earlier as they are very expensive but as previously posted are very robust compared to the normal HDD.
The only thing with the Asus was the touchpad takes a bit of getting used to as the buttons are flat level on the touchpad and I kept missing the buttons... maybe it was just me though...
I fancy the Samsung 10" Netbook model but it doesnt come with an SSD.
Hot for me as its a good price.
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